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April 22 2013


April 21 2013


January 12 2013

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… Towne Club is a brand of soda pop that was created in Detroit, Michigan. I am seeing them pop up more and more at my local grocery stores. They have even come out with some brand new flavors that have Michigan ties. One of them is their Michigan Cherry. This cherry pop contains a percentage of real Michigan cherry juice. I am glad to see another company turning to natural ingredients when it comes to flavoring their soft drinks. Artificial cherry flavor cannot compare to the real deal.

This is a great cherry pop, good flavor and nicely carbonated. A cherry soda pop tasting like cherries, who would have thought? The best test is if my wife likes it or not. She can’t stand anything with fake cherry flavoring in it. She thought this was a good one. This is probably the best product I have had from Towne Club. Not only is the brand staying alive, it’s getting better! …

Via Eat Like No One Else - Towne Club Michigan Cherry

December 25 2012

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