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April 30 2012

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...  Color Club You Got Soul-Ar. Hello bright orange and glittah! Traffic cones covered in sparkle. Girlie road construction gear at its best. Another beautiful-weird polish from the Starry Temptress collection.

Wham! Pow! applied very nicely. It is more of a creme formula than some other neons I own and needs a little care to avoid those sharp lines of delineation at the edges. Top coat melts those and makes things smoother, but a little care is still needed. For some reason, when I applied this swatch, my ring finger bubbled like mad. I brushed some thinner over the polish and that took the bubbles down and with the last coat, it was pretty nice, then. This stuff dries matte so have the top coat handy. Dry time is really good for this polish, making it perfect for a pedicure, too.  ...

...  You Got Soul-Ar is beautiful. I had to thin and shake the stuffing out of it but it got to opaque and perfect in two easy to apply coats. Top Coat was necessary, of course.  ...

 Via Ice Queens' Nail Parlour: Colour Series ~ Neon: Eye Popping Oranges
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...I applied two coats of Orly Orange Punch. Just a word about this polish... It's nice, don't get me wrong. Beautiful crelly Orly formula. Love it. But...

It's a frakking neon! I didn't want yet another neon orange polish. I already owned five or so. I was hoping that this one would be more pumpkin and less traffic cone. Ha! I should have known better. Orange Punch. That should have been a huge tip off. lol  ...

 Via Ice Queen's Nail Parlour: Manicure of the Moment
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April 05 2012

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