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March 07 2014


February 13 2014

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Snow Golem & Fire Wolf Pup

Jennifer at Handmade Stuffs is up to her Adventure Time crafting tricks again, this time for an exceptional Snow Golem and Fire Wolf. She writes on her Flickr page:

These two were made as a custom order. The Snow Golem and Fire Wolf pup are from the Adventure Time episode “Thank You”. The Snow Golem stands about 22” tall and he has jointed arms. The branch decoration is removable and features shiny sequin “berries”. The pup is about 9” tall (not including ears) when standing. He has little “cracks” in his black fur showing his fiery orange insides.

Great (handmade) stuff, as usual, Jennifer.

July 02 2013

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Vintage Board Game - Dark Shadows

April 12 2013


October 09 2012

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Vladi wunderschöne Plüschfledermaus


Wunderschöne, in Deutschland hergestellte Plüschfledermaus. Sie hat formbare Kunstlederflügel, süße Kulleraugen, blitzblanke Fangzähne und fühlt sich besonders in Betten jeglicher Größe wohl…


Vladi beautiful plush bat


Beautiful, plush bat manufactured in Germany. She has moldable leather wings, sweet googly eyes, teeth sparkling clean catch and feels very well in beds of all sizes…


Ich liebe die Vladi! Sie ist ausgezeichnet!


(via Art of Dark Onlineshop - Vladi wunderschöne Plüschfledermaus)


September 28 2012

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Thing is, you’d never remember where it was……….

Via my BF & Dangerous Minds | Silence will fall: Doctor Who alien plush toy

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April 23 2012


March 23 2012

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CBS EXCLUSIVE! Get the NCIS Bert the Farting Hippo puppet!
The exclusive NCIS Bert the Farting Hippo was made famous by Abby — everyone’s favorite goth forensic scientist. Offbeat like Abby, this stuffed animal actually makes noises. Buy the NCIS farting hippo as an NCIS gift, or for your own stuffed animal collection. Bert the NCIS hippo features a realistic contoured head, bewhiskered muzzle, and speckled gray velboa fabric. Abby’s infamous NCIS Bert the Farting Hippo includes a kid-friendly plush studded collar and realistic farting noise!

   Via Bert the Farting Hippo | NCIS Bert The Farting Hippo, NCIS Farting Hippo, Farting Stuffed Hippo | CBS

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Everybody loves a big mouth—-that is, when it belongs to this charming Hippopotamus puppet! With exquisite features such as a realistically contoured head, bewhiskered muzzle and speckled gray velboa fabric, she’s also big enough make a splash with kids and collectors alike!

  Via Folkmanis Puppets: Hippo Hand Puppet

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