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October 05 2019


Mah fellow old horror fan honey hipped me

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October 09 2018

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Yak polo in Pakistan

April 27 2018

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Explanation: You couldn't really be caught in this blizzard while standing by a cliff on Churyumov-Gerasimenko, also known as comet 67P. Orbiting the comet in June of 2016 the Rosetta spacecraft's narrow angle camera did record streaks of dust and ice particles though, as they drifted across the field of view near the camera and above the comet's surface. Still, some of the bright specks in the scene are likely due to a rain of energetic charged particles or cosmic rays hitting the camera, and the dense background of stars in the direction of the constellation Canis Major. Click on this single frame to play and the background stars are easy to spot as they trail from top to bottom in an animated gif (7.7MB). The 33 frames of the time compressed animation span about 25 minutes of real time. The stunning gif was constructed from consecutive images taken while Rosetta cruised some 13 kilometers from the comet's nucleus.

Astronomy Picture of the Day - 2018 April 26

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September 18 2017

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so i have a cat now

She a watermelon(e) tabby! :D
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June 14 2017


May 23 2017

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When the Subatomic Sound System begins to thump out the room, a few songs later, a gurgly, almost cartoonish voice emanates from the speakers. It’s clear that the voice is live, but it’s coming from somewhere not on stage. It’s a recognizable voice, with a touch more age and rust on it. It’s Lee Scratch Perry, toasting, somewhere backstage with a microphone.

He emerges two songs in wearing his hand-crafted suit of mis-matched elements, a hat bedazzled with sequins, buttons, other metal objects, a feather. On his shoes, two small mirrors. He holds the mic next to his mouth, and sticking out from his hand, several sticks on incense wafting into his face.

The living legend has always been rough around the edges, but at 81, his “Ras-tafar-I!” refrain is even more croaky and indistinct. Legendary percussionist Larry McDonald (of 1970s Black Ark fame) does a lot in tempering Perry’s loose lyricism and helps to frame the classic Rasta against Brooklyn-based Subatomic Sound System. The product is remarkably close to Perry’s original feel, but with Augustus Pablo-esque diversions with Subatomic main guy John Emch’s melodica bursts. 

Live review: Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry in Detroit at El Club Monday, May 15 2017

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This was pub’d the day b4 we saw Scratch.

I was sitting outside smoking things in between acts and offered a seat at ‘my’ picnic table to a kindly-lookin’ Rasta who was standing nearby. He politely declined, explaining that he’d soon be sitting down for quite some time :) I knew that meant he’s Scratch’s drummer (as it turned out, congas!) so I said, “Then please allow me to profusely thank you in advance,” and him smile an’ laff. He’s in the first and second images, and the 2nd is a V nice color pic of him. You can see why I’d offer him a seat! Such a big sweetie.

The 3rd image shows de DJ playin’ melodica. Mi na know why it have a rubber tube fi de mout'piece, insteada di usyal stubby lickle t'ing. Mi a nevah see dat befaar. He really nailed all he did.

The sax player’s also brilliant.

Deffo in the top 5 concerts I’ve seen - prolly more like top 3!

Swear to God/dess, LSP had about seven pounds of rings on each hand :)

Oh, and yes, dem a light a spliff pon di stage.

Via Photo Gallery: Lee Scratch Perry and Subatomic Sound System

May 20 2017

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Lotsa folks a quarter his age can’t kick over their heads!

Lee Scratch Perry (@ScratchLee) | Twitter

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May 19 2017

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A brutal riddim put together by Lee Perry.

Words Of My Mouth: Gatherers
Kuchy Skank: Upsetters
Hot Tip: Prince Django
Wha Yu A Go Tell Jah Say?: Max Romeo
Rubba Rubba Words: Upsetters
Wisdom : Jah Lloyd (as Jah Lion)
What About Africa: Glen Adams
Islington Rock: Augustus Pablo
Little Flute Chant: Tommy McCook
Words: Sangie Davis & Lee Perry
Lion A De Winner: Lee Perry

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“It doesn’t get much bigger than this wee beauty! Anthony ‘Sangie’ Davis with a classic vocal over typically funky 1973 rhythm from Lee Perry with the great Tin Legs on drums”

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Saw him perform Monday 15 May   XD   Fucking brilliant!

April 20 2017

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Detroit, MI - mid-1980s
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