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May 25 2014


April 24 2014


April 13 2014


April 02 2014


September 19 2013


Sea of spam

Igor Crownover: FW:No need to g et bald and ug ly S tayng and cool

Bald ≠ ugly, you spamming sumbitch!

September 12 2013


#sea of spam

Joaquin Helt: Your dick will thank you for bringing it back to life 曃

Marcia Hower: You are tempter-lover, for sure! Long Pleasure with its Loved. 迺

August 27 2013

5218 df3f

If you’ve got three of these posted on one page of yr blog, don’t be surprised that you’ve been ignored.

Tags: spam no thanks

November 08 2012


Weird-ass spam

Jewell Paige Paek Jelliis - LADY SNEERWELL. I wnder Sir Benjamin you never Ð ublish anhyting. THE

Tags: spam bizarre

March 22 2012

5588 942a 500

This is an example of what I got when running a google search for sound files of Abby from NCIS, specifying only English language sites.

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