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November 19 2013

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This 1908 image of women smoking and drinking was intended to be a horrifying glimpse of a post-suffrage future. Now it just looks like an awesome bar. 

they have fudge AND almonds? shit i need a new bar

November 06 2013


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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Prime Minister of Australia kicking ass and taking names (mostly Tony Abbott’s). [x]

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July 21 2013

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Writing about people
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Yet it is males who suffer in our society. From boyhood through adulthood, the White American Male must fight his way through a litany of taunts, assumptions and grievances about his very existence. His oppression is unlike anything American women have faced.

Fox News

This is a real quotation.

(via galehawthorne)

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July 11 2013

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the principal at my school made an announcement yesterday that the girls need to start covering up and then i found this in the hallway

should i post this all over my school because damn

its not even “female body parts"

its leg

leg is body part

boy have leg

girl have leg

animal have leg

fish dont have leg

but its okay

because axolotl have leg

is axolotl leg over sexualised

can axolotl not wear shorts

i think axolotl can wear shorts if axolotl wants

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June 06 2013

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How To Identify Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Crisis pregnancy centers, or pregnancy resource centers, disguise themselves as medical facilities, but usually have no licensed doctors, nurses or counselors. They often appear under “Abortion Alternatives,” and may have names similar to abortion clinics nearby in order to confuse patients into entering their buildings instead of the real clinics.

Once you enter a CPC, their mission is to prevent you from getting an abortion at any cost. They will use misleading language, delay tactics, emotional manipulation, intimidation, and outright lies to either persuade you against abortion or to make you miss your appointment. The worst part? It’s all completely legal and funded by federal dollars.

CPCs do their best to appear as legitimate abortion clinics, so how can you tell which is which? Here is a list of red flags for CPCs:

  • The words “crisis” or “resource” appear in the center’s name
  • Their ads use language like “Pregnant & Scared?”
  • They offer free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds
  • When asked if they provide abortions or contraception, they will not give a direct answer
  • The waiting room has biased pamphlets, sometimes with graphic pictures labeled as abortions
  • They attempt to make you feel guilty about considering abortion
  • They offer baby items, such as diapers and formula
  • They downplay the effectiveness of contraception and emphasize abstinence
  • They emphasize the dangers of abortion (Fact: fewer than 0.3% of patients experience complications requiring hospitalization)
  • They discuss the false connections between abortion and breast cancerinfertility, or mental illness, often referred to as post-abortion stress syndrome
  • Regardless of how you talk about the pregnancy, they refer to “your baby,” the “preborn child,” “post-abortive women,” and say that you are “already a mother.”

More on CPCs

How to Identify CPCs

Beware of Fake Clinics

Crisis Pregnancy Centers: An Affront to Choice

CPC Warning Stickers

A list of licensed abortion clinics in the United States can be found on the Abortion Assistance Blog.

Most people think that these clinics are rare, but they are NOT. Odds are, if there is a Planned Parenthood (regardless of if they perform abortions) on a street, look around, because there will probably also be at least ONE of these. For example, at my Planned Parenthood, there are TWO. And at an abortion clinic in a nearby city, there are THREE of these within site of the abortion clinic’s building (which thankfully has ABORTION AND CONTRACEPTION painted on the side of it in enormous block letters which they did because of these CPCs).

Another little fact about these places: Because there are often no licensed or certified medical professionals that work at these clinics, they are not obligated to maintain patient confidentiality. And, in fact, they use this as a way to scare and manipulate the people who enter their “clinics” into doing what they want by threatening to call the person’s family or parents. 

When people who work at or support these places and tell you this is not true, they are lying or they are not aware of the tactics the staff use. The above post by bebinn is very accurate. These places lie, they blackmail people, they harass people, they trick people into thinking they are legitimate medical facilities, and they do so with very little interference because the victims that enter are often too scared after their encounter to report what happened to them.

There have been stories reported by women who have gone into these places and been harassed. Such as one woman who went to a CPC and was then sent a birthday card splattered with red paint in the mail for YEARS after her abortion to remind and shame her for it.



There’s a CPC in Laramie that gives out baby supplies in exchange for attending thinly-veiled Bible study sessions. They give out false information regarding adoption and abortion. Also, they’re expanding on to the University of Wyoming campus with an RSO dedicated to being “warriors for life” — here’s their newsletter.

Disgusting and thoroughly evil. These god-bothering morons all forget it takes two to tango. The worst are the places which offer free pregnancy tests AND DELIBERATELY GIVE FALSE NEGATIVE RESULTS TO PREGNANT WOMEN. I found one of those in S. California.

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