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October 14 2014


I drove a car I quickly discovered had dying brakes yesterday

while running errands w/Mom, and do not recommend it.

July 12 2014


May 11 2014


April 20 2014


March 21 2014


March 12 2014


January 31 2013


November 25 2012


October 02 2012

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That is fucking scary.

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July 30 2012

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Love them or hate them or parody them all you want, but the 2012 Olympic mascots are here to stay. Wenlock and Mandeville may not be as heart-stoppingly cute as Pikachu. In fact they’re sleek and space-age and probably efficient, not too mention quirky, freaky, and somewhat disconcerting, what with their single solitary eye (It’s still rude to stare.)

Supposedly these two steel-based beings oozed out from the last girder of the Olympic stadium, but they could also be something dropped off by an alien spaceship, in a preliminary bid of exploratory friendship, before setting out to destroy all of human race, as seen above in the spoof by Tyler Davis.

And then there’s that all-seeing eye. It’s a surveillance camera, which is just fitting in our highly-surveilled Big Brother society. Cameras watching us everywhere 24/7, not that we’re not aware of the scrutiny and the gaze, but now they’ve actually created a mascot—not just one but two mascots that don’t have any pretensions about being cute just because they each got a single huge Cyclops eye, but are blatantly equipped with that huge eye for strictly surveillance purposes. …

Via Ta much, dear Edosan & Wenlock and Mandeville are Watching You | Best Online Toys for the Kid in You | TOYSPEDIA

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July 29 2012

Martinet! Space idiot!
— War of the Planets (1966), one of the worst sci-fi b-movies evAr

June 29 2012


March 30 2011

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