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December 15 2012

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09:01 will be discontinued :(

Dear fans and users,
today, we have to share very sad news. will stop working in less than 10 days. :(
It's breaking our heart and we honestly tried whatever we could to keep the platform up and running. But the high costs and low revenue streams made it impossible to continue with it. We invested a lot of personal time and money to operate the platform, but when it's over, it's over.
We are really sorry. is part of the internet history and online for one and a half decades.
Here are the hard facts:
- In 10 days the platform will stop working.
- Backup your data in this time
- We will not keep backups nor can we recover your data
July, 20th, 2020 is the due date.
Please, share your thoughts and feelings here.
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July 06 2012

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Disgusting is the word.

March 20 2012


March 13 2011


A country whose young adults too frequently commit suicide when they get a B+ can't properly build (including location) nor run nuclear power plants.  Who the fuck in their right mind could think a nation of Homer J. Simpsons

or anyone else can properly build and manage them?

Imagine the devastation a wind farm or solar plant could cause.

Nuclear damn near anything is obviously too much for this immature human race - it's like handing a two-year-old a cocked and loaded shotgun.

Japan, you have far more of my empathy than my pathetic comfort zone can bear, and I wish you great healing and all other good things.

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March 08 2011

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Thank GAWD no one on facebook can manage speling my nayme.

March 05 2011

I always thought the Mach 5 was sexy, and I had a crush on Speed Racer when I was a little girl.

This reminds me….

I joined a friend in taking a series of busses over the course of eight hours in August of 91, so she could visit an obscure blasted-heath-edge-of-Hollywood video rental what rented obscure videos.

I’m not kidding about the blasted heath bit: beyond the piles of junk/parking lot behind the building loomed desert and a junkyard. Both encroached on the store: tiny piles of sand on the floor rose like little tornadoes in the hot puffs of air which passed as breezes, it was at least 95°F inside, and a fine sandy dust lay on almost everything. Crumpled bits of paper and other small trash hung out in sandy, dusty corners and other places where the ‘breezes’ and last year’s Santa Ana had deposited them, echoing the outdoor junk piles and junkyard. They had every weird movie you can think of - not just Yankistani ones - and so many more that you can’t.


Our route took us through the LA Zoo, which I found curious and delightful. The bus stopped to pick up a passenger in the zoo, a zoo employee. He chatted with the driver during his brief ride, which happily gave me the chance to stare at him Parisian-stylée.


The zoo employee looked exactly like Speed Racer. My friend was as shocked as I when I pointed him out.

He had nice legs, and twinkly eyes.

I never saw him smile though, not once.

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February 24 2011



I just discovered my BF is going to see (shudder) motorhead tonight, and I am frankly horrified.

I loathed that band on first hearing them, and subsequent listenings have not shifted that opinion a single micron. I swore a silent oath many years ago that I would never knowingly sleep with anyone who owns a motorhead t-shirt.

I actually feel kinda dirty.

February 23 2011


“I don’t want semantics.”

“You anti-semantic bastard.” - House


WTF is with all the tumblr error msgs?

Sure, they’re amusing, but not when they appear every few minutes!

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