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October 14 2014


I drove a car I quickly discovered had dying brakes yesterday

while running errands w/Mom, and do not recommend it.

July 26 2014


July 24 2014


July 10 2014


June 18 2014

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April 18 2014


March 26 2014


March 13 2014

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March 01 2014

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January 08 2014

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Yr Humble Narrator - and no, those aren’t false eyelashes.

It’s only club soda, but I was much athirst.


December 24 2013


One of the cats is lion on the couch next to me, watching a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

It’s Hurdy-Gurdy Hare.

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November 24 2013


A film's being made

on the block just North of mine :D

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November 23 2013


Fangirlin' w/Mom

A Female Doctor?

I say Dame Helen Mirren.

Mom says Lucy Liu! :)

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June 21 2013


30SPF sunscreen

means I can spend up to 30X more time in the Sun without burning - up to half an hour.



Menopause Fun # 896

Having a cold is an extra bitch - you don’t know if it’s a fever or just another goddam hot flash.

June 14 2013


Just met two lovely mounted cops & their equally lovely partners!

They’d stopped right out in front of our house, and we quickly got outside to greet them. Our next door neighbors babysit, so a buncha happy kids joined us. Mom even had the presence of mind to go grab and quarter an apple for us to feed ‘em :D

The horses were both V sexy chestnuts - one’s a 16.2H Quarter Horse, one’s a former jumper - a Selle Français who’s 17.1! I flirted with both horses, of course, but on learning that the Selle Français had been imported from France, I began telling him how beautiful and intelligent he is - in French. :) He was best pleased and even more shamelessly flirted back, much to his rider’s surprise and amusement. XD

The cops were utterly lovely people, and it was wonderful chatting with them. I told them a story about meeting an Argentine polo player who was so gorgeous I didn’t dare speak to him (had I opened my mouth, only “Asjkdlg,” woulda come out), so I flirted with his gorgeous horse instead. My doing so had very much pleased both the polo player and his horse, and telling the story pleased both mounted police officers too, also.

I haven’t ridden since 2000 so I’ve wept several times since they rode off, (I did wish them Happy Trails) but they’re happy and wistful, not miserable and hyper-sentimental tears.

June 03 2013

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A Phalaenopsis orchid of mine - my pal Pete took the picture

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A Phalaenopsis orchid of mine - my pal Pete took the picture

May 16 2013

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Portrait of the late, great Astra the Whatpup as a young woman.
She was a Greyhound X Airedale and was 15 years old. May she have great and fortunate rebirths.

December 15 2012


This is a true story.

It happened 1984-ish

Angela: Oh, my fucking God.
Me: What’s wrong?
Angela: Look at these people.
Me: /visually scans old factory full of punks at a punk gig
Me: Yeah?
Angela: They’re all assholes.
Me: Whaddya mean?
Angela: He looks ready to start a fight with the next person who looks at him the wrong way; she looks like she alone caused the ozone hole by using so much hairspray; he’s so drunk he doesn’t know what planet he’s on….Why are we here? Why do we hang out with people like this?
Me: They may be assholes, but they sure as hell don’t listen to trendy dance music or the pop pap crap they play on the radio. They look a lot alike, but they don’t look like trendies, and they don’t look boring.
Angela: True.

Had I the wisdom of age I now haz, I’d’ve said, “Walk into any type of gig, and you’ll find a roomful of assholes. They’re humans.” XD

Had Angela the wisdom of age, however, she’d’ve just said, “Man, these people are assholes, but the music’s sure great.” XD

More of my longest-lasting friendships began in punk clubs and at shows than at school. That’s why I hung out with those people: thirty years later, they’re still worth hangin’ with.

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