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August 07 2012

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The Jamaican is so fast that he also has time to indulge in a spot of air-DJing …

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Usain, Yohan give Jamaica birthday gift

LONDON, England:

Ernesto might have spared Jamaica, for the most part, but the world felt the effects of ‘Hurricane Bolt’ when Jamaican superstar Usain Bolt successfully defended his Olympic 100m title, sprinting to an Olympic record 9.63, as Jamaica booked its third and fourth medals at these games - the perfect gift to a nation celebrating its 50th year of Independence today.

“It’s wonderful, it’s a wonderful feeling to give Jamaica a gold medal and defend my title, and I know that everybody is happy and tomorrow (today) when the national anthem is played, I think it will be even greater for all of us,” said an elated Bolt after his race.

World Champion Yohan Blake equalled his personal best 9.75 to win the silver medal ahead of American Justin Gatlin, who recorded a 9.79 clocking and the youngster also had a special birthday wish for his homeland.

“Jamaica we ‘likkle but we tallawah’, it’s been great and tomorrow (today) is going to be a special moment for us on the podium,” said Blake, who joins Herb McKenley (1952), Lennox Miller (1968) and Donald Quarrie (1976) as Olympic 100m silver medallists. …

(via HURRICANE BOLT - Lead Stories - Jamaica Gleaner - Monday | August 6, 2012)

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Jamaica’s Usain Bolt does his trademark pose for fans in the London Olympic Stadium as he celebrates winning the Olympic Games’ men’s 100 metres final yesterday. Bolt won in an Olympic record, 9.63 seconds. - Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer

(via Digicel Photo of the Day - Sports - Jamaica Gleaner - Monday | August 6, 2012)

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Usain Bolt’s Olympic 100m triumph triggers jubilation in Jamaica

Sprinter delivers early birthday present to his homeland on eve of celebrations to mark 50 years of independence

Usain Bolt’s 100 metres Olympic victory sparked ecstatic celebrations in his homeland, where national pride was already riding high on the eve of celebrations to mark 50 years of Jamaica’s independence.

Unbridled joy from crowds gathered in the centre of Kingston grew louder with every second as the powerful strides of world’s fastest man took him to the finish line.

Bolt’s early birthday present to his country, delivered in a blistering 9.63 seconds, was exactly what hundreds, including many who had journeyed from the sprinter’s parish of Trelawny, had come to watch together on a big screen. Traffic in the Jamaican capital came to a standstill as people, braving the cold and rain of Tropical storm Ernesto, sounded horns and clanged pot covers.

Others mimicked the now famous pose of the double Olympic champion or cheered each appearance of his compatriot Yohan Blake, who many considered as Bolt’s main rival going into the race but who finished a respectable second with a time of 9.75 seconds.

The passion was just as great closer to the scene of Bolt’s historic feat last night:at the Jamaica House – bit of the Caribbean island created at the 02 in North Greenwich which has operated as a base for Jamaican fans.

Bolt triggered an endless blanket of noise and hysteria; the sort of carefree jumping and proclaiming usually reserved for the spirit filled pews of a Pentecostal assembly. The moment the gun was fired, the crowd chanted and brayed and hooted and they didn’t stop until he was safely home. They cheered for their man apart, and then for his compatriot and rival Blake. Just as lustily, they booed the American runners – vanquished in less than 10 seconds.

“I am so happy,” said Rosa Nelson, 37, from Edmonton, north London, pausing to mimic Bolt’s trademark archery stance. “He represents a small nation, the best of our small nation presenting itself to the world. We have the fastest man and the fastest woman. We are confident and we are proud and now we are even prouder.” …

(via Usain Bolt’s Olympic 100m triumph triggers jubilation in Jamaica | Sport | The Guardian)

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100m final: Thunder Bolt – Lightning Usain strikes twice

London 2012: Jamaican runner storms to victory, breaking Olympic record with time of 9.63 seconds

Usain Bolt became only the second man in Olympic history to take a second gold medal in the men’s 100 metres final on Sunday night. With a time of 9.63 seconds – a new Olympic record – he beat Yohan Blake, his fellow Jamaican and the latest pretender to his throne, into second place in a race in which the first seven runners went under 10 seconds. …

(via 100m final: Thunder Bolt – Lightning Usain strikes twice | Sport | The Guardian)

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London 2012: It’s sweeter because you doubted me, says Usain Bolt

The 100m champion from Jamaica says he always delivers when it comes to the Olympics

Usain Bolt said the motivation to prove his doubters wrong had helped propel him to his second Olympic 100m title in 9.63sec but that he would not be a “legend” until he had also won the 200m.

Bolt said his electrifying run, in which all the field bar the injured Asafa Powell went under 10 seconds, was further proof that he always delivered on the biggest stage. “When it comes to the championship, it’s all about business. It’s what I do,” said Bolt. “The reason it’s sweeter is because a lot of you guys doubted me. I’m showing the world I’m the greatest and I’m going to show up on the day.”

Bolt admitted that he got off to a shaky start – and still managed to finish in an Olympic record time that has only been bettered by his own world record. “My start wasn’t the best. But my coach had already explained to me not to worry about the start. I came with one goal. The last 50m is where I shine.”

The Jamaican beat his friend and compatriot Yohan Blake by 12-hundredths of a second but paid tribute to him for giving him a “wake-up call” when he beat him in the Jamaica trials in the 100m and 200m. “I’ve told Yohan Blake that I’m not going to have him beat me again. The trials woke me up. Yohan gave me a wake-up call,” Bolt said. “He knocked on my door and said, ‘Usain, this is Olympic year, wake up’. After that I refocused and got my head in the game.”

Jamaica’s sprinting phenomenon, who has faced persistent questions about his fitness in the run-up to the Games, said that a back injury that troubled him earlier in the season no longer worried him.

As he tried to rationalise his achievement in winning another gold medal, he uncharacteristically admitted that he was “slightly nervous”. But once he got on to the track, the nerves went away. “It means one step closer to being a legend. That’s one step, I have the 200m to go, so I’m looking forward to that.”

There was no showboating from one of the world’s greatest showmen, out of respect for the depth of talent in the field. “I just ran. I ran my hardest and ran through the line,” he said. …

(via London 2012: It’s sweeter because you doubted me, says Usain Bolt | Sport | The Guardian)


July 30 2012

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Love them or hate them or parody them all you want, but the 2012 Olympic mascots are here to stay. Wenlock and Mandeville may not be as heart-stoppingly cute as Pikachu. In fact they’re sleek and space-age and probably efficient, not too mention quirky, freaky, and somewhat disconcerting, what with their single solitary eye (It’s still rude to stare.)

Supposedly these two steel-based beings oozed out from the last girder of the Olympic stadium, but they could also be something dropped off by an alien spaceship, in a preliminary bid of exploratory friendship, before setting out to destroy all of human race, as seen above in the spoof by Tyler Davis.

And then there’s that all-seeing eye. It’s a surveillance camera, which is just fitting in our highly-surveilled Big Brother society. Cameras watching us everywhere 24/7, not that we’re not aware of the scrutiny and the gaze, but now they’ve actually created a mascot—not just one but two mascots that don’t have any pretensions about being cute just because they each got a single huge Cyclops eye, but are blatantly equipped with that huge eye for strictly surveillance purposes. …

Via Ta much, dear Edosan & Wenlock and Mandeville are Watching You | Best Online Toys for the Kid in You | TOYSPEDIA

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Ta much, dear Edosan!

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