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March 07 2014


March 01 2014


February 13 2014


November 03 2013

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… I wasn’t in the mood for typical Halloween orange and black, so I chose purple and green. The gradient is a base of Illamasqua - Omen with Illamasqua - Seance and Illamasqua - Baptiste sponged on top. The white of the sugar skulls is Zoya - Purity.

The coffin stamp, which I placed so crookedly (lol), is from Bundle Monster plate BM-402.

Other supplies used were a black Stripe Rite striper, dotting tools, rhinestone tweezers, and a small nail art brush.

And, guess what? Some of these polishes glow under blacklight - yay!

I’m really pleased with how these turned out considering I hardly ever play with studs/rhinestones and super glue. I need to get one of those little suction-y tools that helps you pick them up, I think.

   Via Polish Hound: UV Glow Halloween Sugar Skulls & Gradient! [Nail Art]

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November 02 2013


October 23 2013


July 26 2013

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…This it three coats Nicoly by OPI in Daffy Dill with a coat of L.A. Girl Rockstar in Crowd Surfing over top. Crowd Surfing is a great sheer lime green and gold sparkle/flakie polish. I need to try it over black later! After all that, I have Konad Special Black Polish and their stamping plate M83 working their magic over top. …

via Lime Green and Black Nails – Updated! |

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That nail polish is brilliant! /WANT!

via Nihrida: How To: Fish Egg Manicure)

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Polishes used:
Zoya Maisie
Zoya Opal
Zoya Chloe
Nfu Oh 50
Nfu Oh 53
OPI I Lily Love You#
YCC 065
LA Girl Rockstar Crowd Surfing
A Striping Pen

Mix up your flakies so you’ve got lots of different color mixes; sponge in a vertically-lined gradient
Paint zebra stripes with your striper

via It’s never over, my kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder |

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…I practised first on top of my Electric Guitar mani and I think it turned out quite well! The spots were made freehand using Zoya Penny and Zoya Raven. The following photos are all taken under the Ott light and look quite a bit cooler toned than in real life. …

via LA Girl Electric Guitar & Leopard Nails | Vegan Claws

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