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May 31 2015


...  "This is a double-bodied Harmonics Guitar that I constructed out of two 3/4 scale standard guitars last year. The first version of this guitar was created in 1982 for use in my Symphony No. 2.  Since then I’ve done a number of variations. This one was made to be used like a standard guitar that can be played standing up.  The very early models required being seated.  The main purpose of this guitar is to bring out single harmonics or clusters of harmonics that exist on the length of a string up to the limits of the range of hearing or the amp being used.  Up to 32 to 64 different harmonics on each string depending on how it’s tuned.  The guitar facing away from your body plays mainly just harmonics.  The one against the body sounds the same as a slide guitar.  You can use either one or both guitars balancing them the way you want.  When using 2 amps you can get an extreme stereo guitar effect. The fret positions do not correspond to the pitches since the strings are longer than usual. The guitar can only be played with a slide bar.

This particular guitar was used in four solo shows that I did in Europe last year.  The photo is from the show at La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Paris.

I will include an instruction sheet explaining how I play it, string it, tune it and other pertinent info.  You can play it, string it or tune it any way you want of course.  Also included here are a long glass slide bar (which I prefer), a tuning wrench for the dulcimer pins that are used instead of machine heads and a strap that is screwed in with sheetrock screws.  It is adjustable or you can screw in a different one if you like.  It runs from the back of the body on one guitar to the front of the other."  ...

No-Wave pioneer Glenn Branca is auctioning off a beautifully ridiculous guitar | Dangerous Minds

January 20 2014


December 23 2013

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  Via my sexy BF

December 12 2013

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A circa 1996 Status Buzzard Prototype; No serial number, in black basket weave finish, irregular shaped carbon graphite body, chrome parts, irregular shaped headstock with a de-tuner and Status Graphite Buzzard in red, graphite neck, twenty seven fret graphite fingerboard with roman numeric position markers and LED side markers, two Hyperactive pickups, four rotary controls, two toggle switches, black bridge plate with four adjustable saddles; and an original aluminium framed rectangular flight case — owned and played by John Entwistle, during tours with The Who and The John Entwistle Band, and seen in performances at the Royal Albert Hall, 2000 and 2002; accompanied by a letter from the drummer/producer of the John Entwistle band concerning the provenance. …

   Via John Entwistle’s Gear: 1986–2002


August 22 2013

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via my BF, who’s better’n yrs

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July 27 2013

5952 a805 500

Airline® Map

Body: Tone Chambered Mahogany
Colours: Seafoam Green, Red, Black, White
Pickups: 2 Alnico Hot-10 Humbuckers
Switching: 3-Way
Controls: 2 Volume, 1 Tone
Bridge: BIGSBY tremolo, Roller Bridge

Neck: Bound Maple, Bolt-on
Finger Board: Rosewood, Block Markers
Scale Length: 24 3/4" (628mm)
Width at the Nut: 1 11/16"
Hardware: Grover Style Nickel/Chrome
Strings: D’Addario #10

Case: extra
Unique Features: NATIONAL Style Striped Pickguard

via my hot BF & Eastwood Guitars - Airline® Map

January 24 2013

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Ritter Instruments has announced their latest model, the R8-Concept. The bass is a combination of Ritter’s R8-Singlelcut and Roya Concept designs. It features a backside tuning system and extended fingerboard. …

Via my BF and Jens Ritter Releases R8-Concept Bass and Blue Dragon Guitar - Premier Guitar

2790 baee 500

… The company also unveiled the Blue Dragon guitar, a version of the Princess Isabella with a unique brocade fabric covering that is limited to 25 pieces. …

Via my BF and Jens Ritter Releases R8-Concept Bass and Blue Dragon Guitar - Premier Guitar

December 31 2012

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… The super duper awesome contrabass balalaika
These are the Russian equivalent to a stand up bass. They are loud, dorito shaped (they do not taste like a dorito, trust me!) and stand out in a music group.
They are tuned to EAD. I was once in a metal band where I played the contrabass balalaika and tuned it to DAD. It was fun, the eyes were always on my giant dorito bass. …

Via my way cool BF & The amazing bass balalaika and contrabass balalaikas. - TalkBass Forums

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December 14 2012


November 16 2012

1618 b563

Béla Lugosi
ESP/LTD Guitar

…ESP is extremely excited and proud to be able to offer for the very first time an official licensed Béla Lugosi ESP/LTD Guitar. This very special and limited “Tales From The Grave” model is the result of an exclusive licensing agreement and collaboration between the ESP guitar company and Bela Lugosi Jr. (Lugosi Enterprises) to commemorate the legend of classic horror films and the original Dracula – Béla Lugosi. This extremely unique and highly collectible guitar features the outstanding artwork of respected artist Kerry Gammill. Kerry’s been commissioned by the Lugosi family to create limited pieces of art as well as magazine covers for Monsterverse and Famous Monsters of Filmland. This particular guitar is based on the original poster that Mr. Gamill created for Béla Lugosi’s Tales from the Grave comic book series. There will only be 325 of these very special guitars produced worldwide. Each guitar will be numbered and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by both Bela Lugosi Jr. and Kerry Gammill. A limited-Edition Coffin case will be included with each guitar….

Via my splendid BF & ESP Béla Lugosi ESP/LTD Guitar (Custom Graphics) | GTRstore for Guitars, Amps, Accessories)

Reposted bysiriusminerva siriusminerva

June 23 2012

9805 7107

Katzenjammer @ Bonnaroo

Dig the Totoro bass balalaika!!!

Via my BF

April 06 2012


April 01 2012


Introducing the BASE Pack for Animoog | Moog Music Inc

… The unique timbres of the BASE Pack are drawn from the sounds of the human body itself. UNC-Asheville professor Dr. Wayne Kirby explains the significance of this sonic spelunking: “Our gastric activity in our body is really a microcosm of what we are as humans. The BASE Pack allows us to utilize the essence of this gastric activity to mold an expression of our external reality and internal reality.”

In addition to the over 40 new Timbre files, Moog recruited top sound designers to craft 25 powerful new presets which demonstrate the range of BASE sounds that Animoog can now emit. Some of the Presets included are Extravasation, Eructations, Bad Beans, Bathtub Bubbles, and Oops Sorry Excuse Me. Some of the Timbres included are Sploot2, WetGas1, Dribbly, WetSquish2 and Excuse Me.

“Only a professional synth engine like Animoog could render these organic timbres with such pungent detail,” said Moog Product Development Specialist, Amos Gaynes. “You can really feel the natural movements of the sound.” UNC-Asheville professor Dr. Wayne Kirby is similarly enthusiastic: “Exploiting the rich character of the expulsion of bodily gas is the pinnacle of engineering success.” …

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