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August 16 2013

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Detroit mired in fresh controversy over sale of 60,000-piece art collection

City suburbs attempting to halt rumoured sale of prestigious art collection, which may be up for grabs in bid to pay city’s debts

The beleaguered city of Detroit, the largest in the US to file for bankruptcy, is embroiled in a fresh controversy over fears that it may be preparing to sell some of its 60,000-piece art collection, one of the most prestigious in the US.

Officials from suburban counties have warned that if the city’s bankruptcy managers sell any assets in the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA) – whose collection includes a self-portrait by Van Gogh, a 27-panel fresco by Diego Rivera and works by Rembrandt and Matisse – they will cut their contributions to its funding. The combined income from three counties surrounding the city is worth $23m a year to the museum, a sum that represents almost 75% of its operating budget. …

… The possibility that city-owned art in the DIA collection might be sold as part of Detroit’s plan to settle an estimated $18bn it owes to bondholders, pensioners and others, continues to be one of the most controversial aspects of the city’s bankruptcy plan.

The contract between the counties and the institute stipulates that it should be operated in accordance with professional museum standards. These include a clause saying that the proceeds of art sold must be used to buy more art.

Selling artwork for other reasons breaches such standards, say representatives of the art institute itself.

The museum and Michigan attorney general Bill Schuette have said that the art cannot be sold because it is held in a charitable trust for the people of Michigan. Orr last week told Reuters he disagreed with that position.

However, Pamela Marcil, a spokeswoman for the DIA, said on Wednesday they were taking the continued threat to the collection seriously. She said that the news about Christie’s engagement with the museum last week had sparked a new wave of protest.

"We are concerned any time it is even mentioned," Marcil said."The situation is unprecedented and no one knows what is going to happen."

But she warned that if the city did sell even a single work of art, “we would take it to court and it could be tied up for years.”

No one from Synder’s office or the office of the emergency was available for comment when contacted by the Guardian. …

(via Detroit mired in fresh controversy over sale of 60,000-piece art collection | World news |

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DETROIT (WXYZ) - An online petition aims to make the Detroit Institute of Arts a National Monument, preventing the sale of its artwork.

With over 3,900 signatures, the petition created by Donald Handy has nearly reached its goal of 4,000. Handy says “I am a native Detroiter, and I love the Detroit Institue of Arts. The thought of losing its collection—especially the Diego Rivera murals—is heartbreaking.”

Earlier this month Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr hired Christie’s to appraise a portion of the DIA’s collection.

It sparked fear that the priceless collection could be sold to help the city pay back some of its $18 billion long term debt.

Handy and other metro Detroiters is attempting to gain the attention of The House of Representatives, The Senate and President Obama. …

(via petition aims to make Detroit Institute of Arts a national monument, save collection)

March 08 2013

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The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in the Rose Garden neighborhood of San Jose, California, United States.

January 23 2013

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The Topkapi Emerald Dagger is the renowned jewel-studded dagger of mid-18th century origin, preserved and displayed for public viewing at the treasury of the Topkapi Palace Museum, in Istanbul, Turkey. One side of the handle of the dagger is set with three large Colombian emeralds of good color and clarity whose size and prominence undoubtedly gave the dagger its popular name. The exquisitely crafted jewel-studded dagger was actually one of several other valuable gifts that was carried by an embassy of Sultan Mahmud I (1730-54) to Iran, to be given to the mighty Iranian conqueror Nadir Shah, but unfortunately was not delivered as Nadir Shah was assassinated, when the embassy just crossed the borders of the Ottoman Empire into Iranian territory. The gifts, including the jewel-studded dagger were then returned to the treasury at Istanbul, and eventually became one of the most celebrated treasures in the treasury of the Topkapi Palace Museum. The popularity of the dagger, as well as the museum that holds it, were given a major boost worldwide when it was made the subject of a popular Hollywood heist film in 1964, based on Eric Ambler’s novel “The Light of Day.” …

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The Topkapi Museum’s emerald and diamond-encrusted dagger

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The Topkapi Museum’s emerald and diamond-encrusted dagger

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The Topkapi Museum’s emerald and diamond-encrusted dagger

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The Topkapi Museum’s emerald and diamond-encrusted dagger

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The Topkapi Museum’s emerald and diamond-encrusted dagger

November 29 2012

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Egyptian motifs can be found in the most random places here…this one is on the entrance of the Wellcome Museum, London.

Egypt in London: the eye of Horus watches… (by Whiskers and Whispers (The Future is Feline))

November 19 2012


What I feel like doing whenever I walk into a museum's Egyptian gallery:


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April 12 2012


March 07 2011


March 03 2011

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Sherlocks experiments at the Sherlock Holmes Museum

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