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November 11 2013

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Mercury, Venus, and Saturn align with the Pyramids of Giza for the first time in 2,737 years on December 3, 2012

i’ve never reblogged anything so fast

what the actual


25 Nov 2013 Edited to add, thanks to RAGEcrow's originally hipping me to its hoaxiness:

"Like many hoaxes distributed via the Internet, these images are likely based on a nugget of truth which is being misinterpreted and the image altered to put the planets in more aesthetically pleasing yet impossible position. The arrangement of planets does occur this week but in Antarctica, not Egypt. Other explanations for the image require an Earth-centered solar system, something the Copernican Revolution left behind back in the 16th century.

"Accompanying claims that this close grouping of planets is a once in a multi-generation event are also false. As recently as last year, these planets appeared even more closely together."

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June 18 2012


Rupee Mania Spreads Across Pakistan: Iran Somehow Involved « Blog

The humble one rupee coin, worth around the same as a US one cent coin, isn’t exactly big money in Pakistan. But a mania has spread across the country, apparently originating in Makran last week, which has everyone, including the nation’s central bank, taking notice.

One rumor had it that the coins, which are made mostly of aluminum with a small amount of copper, had been “accidentally” made with gold, and what started as a rumor with children collecting the coins eventually had adults buying up the coins en masse, at a significant premium, under the assumption that they would pay off big.

The funnier rumor, however, is where the Iranian nuclear program enters into this, and the public began to believe that these coins had large amounts of weapons-grade uranium minted into them, to be smuggled to Iran for making nuclear arms.

Needless to say, neither of the rumors proved to be true, and the Pakistani State Bank is warning people not to pay a premium for the coins. Tip for Pakistanis: a coin of the same size as the 1 rupee coin made of weapons grade uranium would weigh about 10 times what they normally do.

People who believe absurd rumo/urs are so cute, aren’t they?

Ta much, dear Edosan!

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