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July 03 2013

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Indianapolis - Old Northside

This Queen Anne House located on Park Avenue near 16th street, has the typical large porch with spindle work, a turret & tower with a finial on the dome top, and an irregular gabled roof.

It was in need of paint and repairs for a long time and the dome roof of the tower sat in the yard for years. I was very happy when I saw it being restored. The large carriage house can be seen behind the house. Photo was taken on November 22, 2009.

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Knightstown, Indiana

The unusual iron crested roof dormer on the top, the squared extended corner and the gingerbread wall treatment marks this house as very different. It boasts a nicely detailed tower and roof also.

This old home has seen better days, however the new owners are restoring it and have been doing so for five years. They were working on it when I took the photos below and they invited me in for a look. They are doing an excellent job and are planning to keep it original with a few ‘better’ improvements. All of the plaster was off except in the entry way and four or five of the original fireplaces still exist. The owner said the house was started in 1894 and took quite a while to finish it. This photo was taken on Saturday afternoon, November 28, 2009. Another view can be seen on this website under “Knightstown" on Page 2 in Henry County.

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June 26 2013


June 20 2013

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The Gothic Cottage
Cazenovia, NY 1847
Gothic Revival
This house was built by local merchant Jacob Ten Eyck. When it was put up for sale in 1965, there were fears that it would soon become a parking lot. A determined effort by local preservationists resulted in the cottage being purchased by the town and completely renovated. It is now used for town offices.

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