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March 04 2011


Chinese Ethnic Mongolian Boots for Women

……as worn by Mongolian Court Jesters hundreds of years ago.

I've seen more than a hundred pairs of Mongolian boots, and none had toes like these!

February 28 2011

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Cat elevator

February 26 2011


Tidying Up by elementalv

… The question was ill-advised, and John knew it, even as he asked it, but he was helpless before Mrs. Hudson and her unexpected determination to tell John far more than he ever wanted to know about her. …

Ta much, dear HairinMy

February 24 2011

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February 23 2011


That Will Buff Out: I Am Spartacus!

epic fail photos - that will buff out: i am spartacus!
see more funny videos

Looks more like Been Her to me…..

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