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October 27 2013


October 26 2013


October 24 2013


October 23 2013


October 15 2013

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Paris-based HoKiou has created a fun line of terrarium-style rings that are completely handmade. …

   Via Awesome Halloween-Inspired Terrarium Rings - My Modern Metropolis

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October 14 2013

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It’s stone. /WANT!

EDIT: It wasn't stone, it was filthy paneled siding. 


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October 08 2013

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The Abandoned Ghost Mansion of Villa de Vecchi

Ghosts, apparitions, piano sounds, unexplained lights, fountains of blood and satanic rituals — all rumors of the now famous “haunted mansion” in the village of Bindo in Cortenova, Italy. Yet Villa de Vecchi has all the trappings to live up to its image: an eery beauty, desolate location, abandoned for 75 years, and filled with the energy of a tragic past.

Villa de Vecchi is a beautiful abandoned Baroque villa in the moutains near Lake Como. A favorite locale for urban exploration and photography, it was once a grand mansion built by a nobleman.In the mid 19th century, Count Felix de Vecchi chose architect Alessandro Sidoli to design his home. Sidoli integrated the latest technologies, including running water and heating pipes. The villa was adorned with incredible frescoes and featured a grand piano in the hall.

According to local lore, Count de Vecchi allegedly returned home to find that his wife had been murdered and his daughter was missing. With no trace of her in sight, he spent months searching to no avail. Distraught and alone, de Vecchi committed suicide In 1862.

The mansion passed on to de Vecchi’s brother whose family spent summers there through the 1940s. Eventually the home was deserted and became known as the Ghost Mansion, an abandoned mansion with a chilling history and a haunted reputation. While an effort is underway to save the historic villa, its future remains uncertain.

sources 1, 2, 3, 4; photos by Jeff Kerwin

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September 29 2013

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I’ve posted this before, but I’m such a sucker for a mansard roof I don’t care.

(via Dark HD Halloween Background |

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September 01 2013

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The Arnett-Fullen House in Boulder, Colorado (by russellb206)

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June 22 2013

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The Allen House 1906
Monticello, Ark.
Architect: Sylvester Hotchkiss

A well-known haunted house

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