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April 21 2014


March 11 2014

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February 03 2014

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Strange wind
Location: China
Spotted by: Patricia Wright

   Via The best of Sign Language: 2013

June 30 2013


June 15 2013

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Champagne Grape Tarts
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June 01 2013

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Always good advice, eff pesticides.

I did this and it works.

i want to try this

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April 13 2013


Organic Eden Foods’ quiet right-wing agenda -

A crunchy, natural food company marketed to liberals discreetly sues to stop covering employees’ contraception

February 26 2013

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… I asked her where the cooking was being done. “Prento!” she yelled. With that, a man in a cap poked his head out from behind a bar where others were inside drinking and playing dominoes.

“Who dat?” he asked.

“Come show di young man what we cooking,” said Cat. The man seemed puzzled.

“What mi …” he started to say, but Cat cut him off. “I say to show him what we cooking!” she said.

“Allright, allright,” the man said. “Come in, mi bredda. Pot ah bubble up now.”

When I got over there the scent hit me with force. I could smell the pepper, onion and other spices. Two pots, one with pork and the other with dumplings were set atop a wood fire and would be ready, Prento told me, in about 15 minutes.

“Is not me really start di cooking,” he said. “But mi helping out. Di man what really doing di cooking inside,” he said.

I asked him if everyone there would be partaking. “Yes man! Di whole of we going to eat. Yuh going to eat wid we too. For yuh is here and we not leaving yuh out!”

I told him that would be very nice, but insisted that I couldn’t impose. Also, I wasn’t very hungry.

“Yuh must eat!” he said. “Life short. Food will done pan yuh if yuh nuh eat,” Prento said.

I told him I certainly would eat with them, another time, but had to be going.

“Well, alright. When yuh come back wi set yuh up wid some tings fi carry back to town - some potato and yam,” he said. I told him that was a most generous offer.

“Is Contrivance yuh come, man,” he said. “When yuh come here yuh must feel welcome. People from around here is good people and we like stranger to always feel welcome and happy. When yuh come Contrivance yuh must not want to leave,” Prento said.

Via Cow thieves and cookout in Contrivance - Lifestyle - Jamaica Gleaner - Tuesday | February 26, 2013

February 12 2013


January 26 2013


January 24 2013

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Every now and then, technology does not screw us over. This machine pops out pancakes at a rate of 200 pancakes per hour. Two. Hundred. Pancakes. Per hour. You want one, and you want to lie beneath it and let the pancakes fall off their little conveyor belt directly into your mouth. [Ed. Note: Yr damn right I do!]

This costs $3,500 and is the size of a countertop microwave. The company, Seattle-based ChefStack, says the possibilities are “infinite.” They suggest traditional three-cake stacks, savory sausage-filled pancakes, and the imaginative “folded sleeve” pancake. Plus, if ever a hole ruptures in the time space continuum and the only way to fill it is with hot, steamy pancakes, we are set.

Endorsed by god and Popular Science:

“Now … what if you mounted it on wheels, gave it a battery pack, overclocked the rollers a bit, and let it loose? The only thing cooler than an automatic countertop pancake machine is a free-roving pancake-propelled juggernaut that leaves behind a trail of fresh flapjacks.”

Via The Automatic Pancake Machine: 200 Pancakes Per Hour—Is it Enough? - Los Angeles - Restaurants and Dining - Squid Ink

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January 23 2013

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January 17 2013


Organic Consumers Association

The FDA has proposed a new rule under the 2010 Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), one aimed at preventing foodborne illnesses. One of the ways for producers of fruits and vegetables to avoid having to comply with the new rule would be to irradiate their products.

Sign the letter below to tell the FDA: Don’t irradiate my veggies!

In the new rule, one of two proposed under the misguided FSMA, the FDA says it wants to require makers of food to be sold in the U.S. to develop a “formal plan” for preventing their products from causing foodborne illness. Producers of processed foods and raw meat are exempted from the rule, but purveyors of raw fruits and vegetables will be required to comply – unless they irradiate their products.

Given the choice between irradiation and dealing with burdensome FDA paperwork, it’s safe to assume that many food producers will choose the easier route: irradiation.

Irradiation: What is it, and what does it do to food?

Food irradiation uses high-energy Gamma rays, electron beams, or X-rays - all of which are millions of times more powerful than standard medical X-rays - to break apart the bacteria and insects that can hide in meat, grains, and other foods. Radiation can do strange things to food, by creating substances called “unique radiolytic products.” These irradiation by-products include a variety of mutagens, which are substances that can cause gene mutations; polyploidy, an abnormal condition in which cells contain more than two sets of chromosomes; chromosome aberrations, often associated with cancerous cells; and dominant lethal mutations, a change in a cell that prevents it from reproducing. To make matters worse, many mutagens are also carcinogens.

According to the US Government Accounting Office’s Department of the Army’s Food Irradiation Program, irradiation damages food by breaking up molecules and creating free radicals. The free radicals kill some bacteria, but they also bounce around in the food, damage vitamins and enzymes, and combine with chemicals already in the food, such as pesticides, to form new chemicals, called unique radiolytic products (URPs).

Some of these URPs, including benzene, formaldehyde and lipid peroxides, are unique to irradiated foods. Scientists haven’t studied the long-term effect of these new chemicals in our diet, so how can we – or the FDA – assume they are safe?

The FDA would have us believe that irradiation is perfectly safe. Yet research has revealed a wide range of problems in animals that ate irradiated food, including premature death, a rare form of cancer, reproductive dysfunction, chromosomal abnormalities, liver damage, low weight gain and vitamin deficiencies.

Take action today! Please sign the letter below to tell the FDA: Don’t irradiate my veggies!

What’s Wrong with Food Irradiation, Organic Consumers Association:

Top 10 Reasons for Opposing Food Radiation,

Food Safety Fact Sheet, Center for Food Safety:

FDA press release on new rules

WTF, fda?!

December 06 2012


November 30 2012


November 17 2012


November 05 2012

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Allergy is one thing; noisy, public self-righteousness is another.

September 29 2012

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cute sushi 'paintings' by Alexander Platunov
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September 03 2012


August 29 2012



eating meat is not comparable to:

  • rape
  • murder
  • the holocaust

eating meat is comparable to:

  • eating meat
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