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September 09 2013

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and if any of you white people respond with “wait but I didn’t do that. that was in the past”

i need you to check your privilege

and then drink bleach if you think your hands aren’t dirty

They’re not.

Guilt doesn’t transfer from generation to generation. I am not magically accountable for something my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather MIGHT have done. Also;

>social justice blogger
>telling people to kill themselves

I love that there’s a blog called “this is white culture” that is solely devoted to bad things white people did, not their cultures at all.  So I guess I can make a blog called “this is black culture” and post gang and crime records and that’s 100% okay.  Or “this is Muslim culture” and make it all about terrorism.

But wait, you cry.  Not all black people are criminals and not all Muslims are terrorists.  That’s unfair!  And racist!

WELL GOLLY GEE DO YOU THINK SO?  Because saying that all white people are responsible for the Atlantic slave trade sounds pretty racist to me, given that, you know, that was between the African slaveholders and the British and Americans and had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with my ancestors, who were incredibly poor farmers and serfs from Ireland and Lithuania who had to flee to America at around the turn of the century (by which time slavery had already been abolished in the US) because they were being treated like slaves.  Even if they had been living in America at the time when slavery was legal they wouldn’t have been able to afford a slave; in fact they probably would have been working with them in the fields and treated about the same, since the first slaves in America were actually white serfs.  But please, tell me more about how dirty my hands are because of circumstances surrounding my birth that I could not control and continue to treat me differently based on the color of my skin without actually knowing anything about my heritage, I’m sure that isn’t racist at all!

*slow clap*

Thank you

Africans were sold into slavery by other Africans, too. The Setiu/Hyksos invasions brought Egypt slavery. Vikings sold Irish slaves. /shudder

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December 10 2012


December 07 2012


Personally, I think a lot of these animal rights causes smell a bit. Of course people should treat animals with respect. They shouldn’t be used to test cosmetics or used to make music videos. But I don’t get the difference between eating some carrots and eating a rabbit. How much difference is there between cutting down trees to make a book and cooking up a lamb chop?

Don’t misunderstand - I think groups like Greenpeace have done many brilliant things. But there are also problems with Greenpeace. When the orginization began, many of its members were from Germany. For them to march into Greenland and tell the indigenous people to stop killing seals is completly ridiculous.

What right have these people, from big industrial cities like Frankfurt, which contribute a lot of pollution, to tell people who live in harmony with nature not to eat seals? What are they supposed to eat? Snow?

— Björk on animal rights. (via babydeer) (via ericmortensen, bowfolk) (via sillyvegans) (via sabelmouse) (via radicallane) (via lollygaggingandlassitude) (via blackwithstarlight) (via obsidianwitch)
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November 17 2012

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That para is deceptive - it is poetry. Look at the use of alliteration and assonance. Look at the pairing of the wavy “luxuriant profusion” with the hard “mad scatter”. And the rhythm, my gods, especially in that last sentence.

(Of course, I have also recently applied this sort of analysis to the instrumental version of Fantastic Baby.)

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