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November 26 2013

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1822 map of Jamaica. Bonus: It Rasta Coloured, mon!

   Via wikipedia dot de

May 04 2012

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Amazing bold makeup looks in green, yellow and red. Featuring model Anna Yakimenko.

Duly tagged Yes, Rasta

(via Bold Colors Red, Green and Yellow - Eyeshadow Lipstick Ideas)

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April 20 2012


March 08 2011


Natural Mystic at Hector's River - Lifestyle - Jamaica Gleaner - Tuesday | March 8, 2011


Natural Mystic at Hector’s River

Published: Tuesday | March 8, 2011


… “Ahm, hello,” I said. No response.


“Ahm, I was just passing and saw that ahm …” I started to say.


“Cho man!” the turban wearer suddenly yelled. I stepped back.


“Is di noise yuh know. Is di noise cause it,” he said.


I started regretting my decision to walk down there and was inching further away when he finally looked up at me.


There was an uncomfortable moment of us staring at each other in silence. I realised how easily he could have landed a wallop square between my eyes, rendering me unconscious and helpless until rescuers would find me perhaps several days later.


I swallowed hard. Then, to my great surprise, the man suddenly smiled. It was a wide, toothless smile, but by far the most welcoming smile I’ve ever received.


“Nuh mind still, later mi try again,” he said. “So what yuh is about now?”


I told the man that I had been up on the hill looking at the water when I saw him and was just curious about what he was doing down there.


“Heh heh hee,” he laughed.


“Mi ah look fi some fish inna di water here,” he said. I asked if he was planning to catch the fish with his bare hands.


“Yeah man!” he replied.


“Is so dem used to do it inna ancient times yuh know. Is boasty man alone deal wid line.”


I asked him if he had had any success that day.


“Is some likkle fish yuh know, is not di big one dem. Yuh haffi move like thief fi catch dem fish here. Any noise and dem gone,” he said.


I then realised my role in his misfortune that day and apologised.


“Nuh worry man, two twos yuh see dem come back again. Mi just haffi gwaan watch it,” the man said. …

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