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July 20 2013

The American upper middle-class citizen is a composite of negatives. He is largely delineated by what he is not.
— William S. Burroughs, Junky (via greatestwords)
How I hate those who are dedicated to producing conformity.
— William S. Burroughs (via the-worst-gatsby)

July 08 2013

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This quotation lived on the back of my leather for years…

via William S. Burroughs Quotations


February 06 2013

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William Seward Burroughs, the literary prophet of everything weird that would happen during the latter half of the 20th century (including the 23 enigma) was born 99 years ago today, in St. Louis, MS.

Jack Kerouac called Burroughs the “greatest satirical writer since Jonathan Swift” while Norman Mailer described him as “the only American writer who may be conceivably possessed by genius.” J. G. Ballard considered Burroughs to be “the most important writer to emerge since the Second World War.” Richard C. Kostelanetz wrote that “Naked Lunch is one of the more truly original and exciting pieces of prose to emerge from the fifties.”

Then there was the flip-side of that: English critic Philip Toynbee called both Naked Lunch and Nova Express “bor­ing rubbish, insufficiently redeemed by passages of brilliant invention.” Writer John Wain wrote of Burroughs’ work “From the literary point of view, it is the merest trash, not worth a second glance,” while Burroughs’ arch enemy, Truman Capote, had this to say: “Norman Mailer thinks William Burroughs is a genius, which I think is ludicrous beyond words. I don’t think William Burroughs has an ounce of talent.”

William S. Burroughs traveled to the Western Lands at the age of 83 in Lawrence, KS in 1997. …

Via my hot BF & Dangerous Minds | Happy birthday William S. Burroughs!

August 03 2012

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…You have placed your services at the disposal of interests who are turning America into a police state by the simple device of deliberately fostering the conditions that give rise to criminality and then demanding increased police powers and the retention of capital punishment to deal with the situation they have created….

(via Dangerous Minds | William Burroughs’ cold-blooded letter to Truman Capote)

May 20 2012

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Room 15, one of Burroughs’ rooms at the ‘Beat Hotel’ - 9 Rue Gît-Le-Cœur, Paris.
Brion Gysin, another Beat Hotel resident, made & gave him th’ organizing baskets.

(via Welcome to the William S. Burroughs Internet Database)

April 25 2012

William S Burroughs
Better an Old Demon Than a New God - Various Artists (1984)
also The Best of William S Burroughs (1998)
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(Originally appeared in Journal For the Protection of All Beings, 1961)

By Gregory Corso and Allen Ginsberg

Gregory Corso: What is your department?

William Burroughs: Kunst und Wissenschaft.

Gregory Corso: What say you about political conflicts?

William Burroughs: Political conflicts are merely surface manifestations. If conflicts arise you may be sure that certain powers intend to keep this conflict under operation since they hope to profit from the situation. To concern yourself with surface political conflicts is to make the mistake of the bull in the ring, you are charging the cloth. That is what politics is for, to teach you the cloth. Just as the bullfighter teaches the bull, teaches him to follow, obey the cloth.

Gregory Corso: Who manipulates the cloth?

William Burroughs: Death

Allen Ginsberg: What is death?

William Burroughs: A gimmick. It’s the time-birth-death gimmick. Can’t go on much longer, too many people are wising up. …

(via RealityStudio » Interview with William S. Burroughs)

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