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May 02 2014


July 15 2013

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A lovely detail of a false door from the tomb of Useramun (also known simply as User). His titles included Southern Vizier, Prophet of Maat, Judge, Noble, Prince, Scribe in the Treasury of Amon, and Head of the Secrets of the Palace during Hatshepsut and Thothmes III’s reign.

The false door was re-used by the Romans - please also vide: - Useramun

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March 02 2013

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third eye & pineal
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November 29 2012

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Eye of Horus

egyptian eye (by Łukasz Strachanowski)

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Egyptian motifs can be found in the most random places here…this one is on the entrance of the Wellcome Museum, London.

Egypt in London: the eye of Horus watches… (by Whiskers and Whispers (The Future is Feline))

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Horus is the god of the sky whose left eye represented the Moon and his right eye the sun…….This neon art piece along with many others can be found at the Museum of Neon Art in downtown Los Angeles

Eye of Horus (by avilon_music)

September 08 2012

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Ancient Egyptian. Carved green limestone plaque with two raised Eyes of Horus, a cobra, and cartouche, and a cartouche on the back. Hole at the top. Third Intermediate Period. 1070-712 BC (3”)

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August 27 2012

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Period: New Kingdom
Dynasty: Dynasty 18
Reign: Joint reign of Hatshepsut and Thutmose III
Date: ca. 1479–1458 B.C.E.
Geography: Egypt, Upper Egypt; Thebes
Medium: Carnelian (Chalcedony)
Dimensions: L. 1.4 cm (9/16 in)

(via The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Wedjat-Eye Design Amulet Inscribed with the Cartouche Maatkare (Hatshepsut))

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