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February 07 2015

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Dis what me get, mon.
Tags: tumblr WTAF OMFG
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Dis what me get.
Tags: tumblr WTAF OMFG

June 14 2014

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May 25 2014


May 21 2014


March 16 2014

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March 05 2014


February 13 2014



when u try ur best but u dont succeed 


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February 09 2014




Journalists at Sochi are live-tweeting their hilarious and gross hotel experiences

Amid continued debate over whether or not Sochi is prepared to host the 2014 Olympics, which begins Thursday, reporters from around the world are starting to check into local hotels — to their apparent grief. Some journalists arriving in Sochi are describing appalling conditions in the housing there, where only six of nine media hotels are ready for guests. Hotels are still under construction. Water, if it’s running, isn’t drinkable. One German photographer told the AP over the weekend that his hotel still had stray dogs and construction workers wandering in and out of rooms.

More entertaining than the actual Olympics could ever be.

February 08 2014

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Silhouette Man Wonders WTF is Wrong with Americans

View larger size: At | 800x3600 | 1600x7300  

Download the poster pack

This comic uses some text from the Letter of Support for Quebec Students from Nordic Students. The letter is written by a coalition of student unions from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

UPDATE: The original version of this poster cited the above mentioned letter, and the Student Union in Finland was not included among the letter’s authors. That caused some confusion. The poster has been updated to include Finland, because it does have essentially the same higher education policy as its Nordic neighbors.

UPDATE #2: Since my posting this on DailyKos, this comic has been shared about a half-million times over two days. Here’s KOS founder Markos Moulitsas on the comic:

UPDATE #3: It’s been interesting to watch how many officials from the for-profit “schools” mentioned in this comic, and their law firms, have visited this site to view this comic.

UPDATE #4: This comic has now been shared over 2-million times across the Internet.

#only in Yankistan

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December 07 2013


I just wanna apologize

for my whole species, for all the crap we’ve collectively caused, esp extinctions.

Just saw an artistic post involving a Rhino.

November 19 2013


TTIP: A Global Ban on Left-Wing Politics

"The purpose of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is to remove the regulatory differences between the US and European nations. I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago. But I left out the most important issue: the remarkable ability it would grant big business to sue the living daylights out of governments which try to defend their citizens. It would allow a secretive panel of corporate lawyers to overrule the will of parliament and destroy our legal protections. Yet the defenders of our sovereignty say nothing. The mechanism is called investor-state dispute settlement. It’s already being used in many parts of the world to kill regulations protecting people and the living planet. [...] You don’t believe it? Here’s what one of the judges on these tribunals says about his work. 'When I wake up at night and think about arbitration, it never ceases to amaze me that sovereign states have agreed to investment arbitration at all … Three private individuals are entrusted with the power to review, without any restriction or appeal procedure, all actions of the government, all decisions of the courts, and all laws and regulations emanating from parliament'. There are no corresponding rights for citizens. We can’t use these tribunals to demand better protections from corporate greed. As the Democracy Centre says, this is 'a privatised justice system for global corporations'."
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March 23 2012


March 21 2012


March 18 2012

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Constant companion, FFS
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