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August 25 2012


Cosmonauts!: Dolly Girl Palette Swatches & Review


This is my review of the Dolly Girl Palette by KleanColor. Joy and I both have this palette, and I’m sure she would love to add to this review since she’s had it longer than I have. :)

KleanColor Dolly Girl Palette (Bubbly 01)
$2.49 @ Clair Beauty Mart

This palette is full of high shimmer, borderline metallic shades, with the except of shades 1 and 7. Shades 1 and 7 are far less shimmery, and seem to be a little smoother than the other shades, but the pigmentation in these two are weak. Some shades in the palette are stunning, while others are simply typical. Personally, I found shades 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 12, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, and 23 to be the most pigmented of the bunch. The shade I’m most excited about is 3, since I’ve been wanting to create a rich copper look and didn’t have a shade like this in my collection until now. Overall, for a little over $2, this is a great deal! I’d pay $2 just for the copper shade alone! This palette has some very unique shades that are perfect for the warmer months and awesome to play around with. The packaging is simple and compact enough to carrying in your purse for travel. The pans are really small, but it’s not a big deal since a little of the product goes a long way. I’m going to wear some colors from this palette soon and report back on their staying power.

4 out of 5

Here are some quick swatches I did on my arm. Pardon the quality. :P

If you do not have a retailer in your area for KleanColor, try ordering from their website at:

Joy and I bought these palettes with our own money and were not paid or compensated to review them.



[Click pics & embiggen 'em]
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August 23 2012

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100% Natural Hetian Dark Jade Horse Pendant

Found @ ebay via xusheng-shop3

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Lucky Bats With Yuanbao And Coins Zipao Jade Pendant

Found @ ebay via thegiftpro store

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4505 55e3 500

Dragon With Pearl Zipao Jade Pendant

Found @ ebay via thegiftpro store

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Pair Of 27mm x 11mm Bat Coin Ru-Yi Zipao Jade Amulet Pendants

One’s chipped but they’re still sexy.

Found @ ebay via thegiftpro store

August 21 2012

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July 12 2012

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Hex colour leggings.


July 04 2012

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Alien Squid? by ~OopisNein

Artisan Crafts / Dolls, Plushies & Custom Toys / Plushies ©2010-2012 ~OopisNein

A sweet little alien who can’t wait to come home with you and probe you in your sleep.♥

Via dear MSiegel and Alien Squid? by ~OopisNein on deviantART

July 03 2012


Dragon Gates

[photo: jaqian/Flickr]

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April 04 2012

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Coelogyne cristata

March 30 2011


March 05 2011


Merely Gifted: Nomadic Art - Mongolian boots


February 28 2011

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An all-time favorite image, & the calavera on the right’s the finest I’ve ever seen.

February 24 2011


Sherlock Holmes Che Guevara style t-shirt


Oh, & it comes in a buncha other colo/urs too, also.

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Tags: Sherlock WANT

February 23 2011

I have this on a t-shirt. The other day a stranger nearly fell down the stairs in their rush to run over and say “OMG SHERLOCK” to me. I highly respected their priorities in that moment.

by scarfofcumbersaurus
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