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May 30 2013

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Pop-up Pirate USB Hub
Insert the USB connector into the PC. Put the pirate doll into the barrel and give him a turn several times. Stab knives one by one in order. When the knife is right on the Pirate, he goes high up into the air with bomb sound!

(via Pop-up Pirate USB Hub | GeekStuff4U: From Japan to your Doorstep)

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The realistically fake USB Squirming Tentacle plugs into your computer’s USB port and squirms around. That’s all it does. Sure there are some peripheral benefits like scaring away any co-workers from using your computer and possibly keeping pets or kids away from your laptop (although maybe the movement will attract your cat? nobody really understands cats anyway). Oh did we mention it’s evil, like 132% evil? Just an estimate.

  Via USB Squirming Tentacle | Craziest Gadgets

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