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March 16 2015


The Monster (1903) | The Public Domain Review

A 1903 film directed by French filmmaker Georges Méliès and, as is common with his films, starring the man himself. The story centres on the chaotic, and ultimately futile, attempt to bring a dead Egyptian Princess back to life....
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January 25 2014

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Nez Pierce tribe members with Appaloosa 1895

What a sexy chunk!!!! A bit sickle-hocked, but what a sexy chunk!

Via The way we were - horse history! Pictures! at the Horse Chat forum - Horse Forums

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January 22 2014


December 30 2013

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Turn of the last century New Year’s postcard

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November 27 2013


November 19 2013

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This 1908 image of women smoking and drinking was intended to be a horrifying glimpse of a post-suffrage future. Now it just looks like an awesome bar. 

they have fudge AND almonds? shit i need a new bar

October 12 2013

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RARE 1908 Halloween Postcard Raphael Tuck 150 Series Veggie Man with Witch and Cat in A Car

счастливый Хэллоуину!

   Via винтажные открытки к Хэллоуину/Vintage Halloween Postcards

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October 08 2013

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From some of of the first color footage ever (c.1902), captured with the process invented by Edward Turner. 

But this is kind of creepy as balls because there isn’t a very noticeable cut

But guys.



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August 29 2013

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Circa 1899. “General view, Los Angeles.” The righthand section of a three-part panoramic series. Detroit Publishing Company glass negative.

(via Los Angeles: 1899 | Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

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Montgomery, Alabama, circa 1906. “Perry Avenue.” 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company.

(via Gingerbread House: 1906 | Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

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Detroit, Michigan, circa 1910. “Wayne County Building.” The Motor City before it got very motorized. Detroit Publishing Company glass negative.

   (via Wayne County Building: 1910 | Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

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Detroit, Michigan, circa 1900. “Scene in Clark Park.” In the background is merry-go-round we saw a few days ago. 8x10 glass negative.

(via Clark Park, Detroit: 1900 | Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

August 28 2013

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Detroit, Michigan, circa 1907. “New casino at Belle Isle Park.” 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company.

   (via The Casino at Belle Isle: 1907 | Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

August 10 2013

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Brandeis House - Omaha, Nebraska

Jacobethan Revival

Designed by Albert Kahn and built 1904-1905

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The Mary Rogers Kimball House, also known as the Kimball House, is located at 2236 St. Mary’s Avenue in Downtown Omaha, Nebraska.

It was built in 1906 by Thomas Kimball and Wallace H Parrish.

via wikipedia

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The Gottlieb Storz House, 1905
Jacobethan Revival style
Blackstone neighborhood - Midtown Omaha, Nebraska

June 22 2013

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The Allen House 1906
Monticello, Ark.
Architect: Sylvester Hotchkiss

A well-known haunted house

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… In every city, there are houses that “they” say are haunted. Ask around, and you’ll most likely find people who say things like “oh, that house is supposed to be haunted” or “people say it’s haunted.” It is a rare house indeed where the whole community puts no qualifiers on their statements. It’s not supposed to be haunted, no one says “people say” it’s haunted. In Monticello, the fact that the Allen House is haunted is accepted as fact. …

via Cold Spots: The Allen House - Dread Central

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Allen House Monticello
Investigation Findings
for February 27, 2010

We would like to thank Mark and Rebecca Spencer for allowing us to investigate their home. They were very gracious hosts and the house itself was as fascinating as it was beautiful. The in-depth research they had conducted on the house and family histories proved invaluable. …


The Allen House, located on Main Street in Monticello, Arkansas, was designed and built by architect Sylvester Hotchkiss for Joe Lee Allen and his family in 1906. The house, a mixture of Gothic, Second Empire and Queen Anne Victorian styles is comprised of three stories and approximately 8000 square feet and a full “grandmother’s attic.” Joe Lee Allen, a successful entrepreneur and prominent citizen of Monticello built the house for his wife Caddye, and his children. Joe Lee Allen died prematurely in 1917 at 54 years of age while demonstrating/selling a vehicle.

On the evening of December 25 of 1948, daughter Ladell Allen Bonner consumed mercury cyanide and subsequently died on January 2,1949 as a result. There were quite a few tragedies in Ladell’s life, namely the untimely death of her father Joe Lee Allen aged 54 in October 1917, her son, Allen Bonner in January 1944 at twenty-eight, her sister Lewie at 46 in September 1944 and most likely painful memories of life with her ex-husband Boyd Bonner who passed on June 1948. Based on the letters in the Spencers’ possession a failed relationship with her last love (indicated by some letters found in the attic) most likely was the cause of her suicide.

Carolyn Wilson, author of “The Scent of Lilacs,” a former tenant of the house based some elements of her book published in 1966 (a romantic fiction with a large haunted house) on the Allen house.


The Allen House is thought to be haunted by Ladell Allen and her son, Allen Bonner. There have been many reports of activity dating back to the 1950s. A doctor who lived in the Allen House purportedly captured an image of Ladell in a mirror in his room. Another couple who lived in the Allen House during the time it had been converted to apartments said they encountered the ghost of Ladell in a closet. Purportedly they tried to close a closet door but some force prevented its closing and they reported hearing laughter. When they managed to get the door shut and opened it again to check there was no one and nothing there to explain what had happened. A later tenant who had opened a gift shop in the home found a large number of items in disarray without logical explanation.

Crying and moaning sounds have been heard along with the sound of footsteps from the upper floors when no one else was present. In some cases police were summoned to investigate but found no evidence of prowlers or intruders of any sort.

Current owners, Mark and Rebecca Spencer, have witnessed other activity such as seeing and hearing family members (aka Doppelgangers) in one room when the person would actually be in another room entirely. Also, an old hand cranked Victrola record player was witnessed spinning on its own, continually picking up speed instead of slowing down!

The first group to perform an investigation there on their first visit had a limb from a healthy oak tree fall across the power line to the house knocking out the power just as they were ready to begin. …

(via Allen House)

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