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June 10 2013


Iggy and The Stooges - Tribute to Ron Asheton [DVD] |

Saw this at the Detroit Institute of Arts on Sunday wif my lovely BF. It was fantastic, but that pillock henry rollins’ LECTURE could’ve easily been trimmed down to the three minutes of truly good stuff he’d said. I also don’t think henry has the right to shout I Got A Right with The Stooges; I can’t think of anyone besides Iggy who’s got that right….and Iggy always gets it right. ;)

The crowd varied in age from college kids/similarly aged hipsters, to geezers like me and Dean, to folks who could be our parents, and people who could be our grandparents. The house wasn’t as crowded as I’d’ve liked - we were a little late (the lights were still up and all) - had it been sold out I’d’ve been both disappointed and pleased. You know what I mean.

The Stooges’ live show in the film was magnificent. It’s always so nice when the audience isn’t chucking tons of stuff at Uncle Iggy.

Ron Asheton Foundation

February 18 2013

Down on the Street
The Stooges
Funhouse (1970)
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