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August 07 2014


June 12 2013

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Adjacent statues of Sekhmet - Kunsthistorisches Museum

November 25 2012

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Sakhmet and Nefertem, Shrine of Amenophis I.

(Is that Sekhmet? It would make sense, given she’s Neferterm’s mum, but if so, that’s an odd writing of her name…)

The (very) occasional writer calls her “Sakhmet.”

September 08 2012


June 18 2012

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Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, 1988. Photo by Elliott Erwitt.

You got it in one, young lady. ;)

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April 23 2012

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Item Description

* Title: Statue of Sekhmet, Temple of Mut
* Photographer: Unknown
* Time Period: New Kingdom
* Caption: No caption.
* Item Information: File name - egypt171; Catalog number - Au-796
* Type of Print: Albumen
* Original Size: 6 x 4-3/8
* Location: Karnak - East Thebes

(via Early Images of Egypt | Statue of Sekhmet, Temple of Mut)

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