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November 25 2012


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April 20 2012

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…Markus Boeckle and Thomas Bugnyar from the Department of Cognitive Biology of the University of Vienna show in their recent article, published in Current Biology, that ravens differentiate individuals based on familiarity. Additionally, they discovered that ravens memorize relationship valence and affiliation. …

… The ability to change call characteristics is especially interesting: In case they hear a “friendly” individual they respond with a “friendly” call, whereas when listening to a “foe”, they exhibit lower frequencies and rougher characteristics, an effect already described for other animal species.

Ravens respond to calls from previously unknown individuals with even lower and rougher calls and thus try to increase the acoustic perceivable body-size – also in humans larger people have lower voices than smaller ones and angry humans rougher voices. While it was known that mammals change their voices based on the relationship they share with others, the researchers were now able to show for the first time that also birds change their calls according to relationship quality.

The duration of the memory is beyond the previously estimated ability for birds; the ability to remember relationship valence has been shown for the first time in animals.

Via Ravens remember relationships they had with others by way of dear MSiegel

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March 21 2012

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Black Raven
with chain
Around 1 inch tall.

   Via Amphigory.COM Catalog - Pendants, creatures category

March 29 2011

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Winter of the Raven by John Howe

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I’ve always loved crows and ravens. I used to call back to them when I was a little kid and sketch them from my front porch. They perched in the pines and the poplars of the ravines near my house, calling out, screeching, flapping, manically.

I found out late last year that my great-grandfather, who used to live on the West Coast of British Columbia near Burnaby (which was, at the turn of the century, rural I’m assuming) used to raise and keep ravens.


March 21 2011

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searching for truth by B.Held


studies of the raven i, on held over

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such intensity by B.Held


studies of the raven i, on held over

March 09 2011


Handmade Art Fair: Primitive Folk Art Halloween Raven Crow Doll


Edgar Allan Poe “The Raven”


With Edgar sitting on the Raven the piece measures 21 inches tall. The Raven has a wing span of 18 inches.

I created the this piece from osnaburg fabric, wood and assorted elements.

Edgar’s clothing is painted with acrylics. His shoe laces are thread. His hair and mustache are wool needle felted to his head.

The Raven is perched on a wooden base that has been painted with acrylics and embellished with tulle and ribbon.

In the Raven’s beak he is holding a tag that says “Nevermore.” The tag has been trimmed with black glitter.

Edgar is removable and can sit on his own.

The Raven’s perch is covered with wool blend felt on the bottom to protect furniture.

The entire piece has been aged with walnut ink and tea. …

March 08 2011

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