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November 09 2013

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Purple Victorian, Woodbridge—Detroit MI (by pinehurst19475)

This purple Queen Anne is one of Woodbridge’s fine Victorians.

Yup. It lives a bit North of me. :)

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August 29 2013

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Montgomery, Alabama, circa 1906. “Perry Avenue.” 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company.

(via Gingerbread House: 1906 | Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

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August 10 2013

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The Georgia House was designed by the architects Findley & Shields. It was constructed of brick, limestone, sandstone and stucco in 1890 for J. Herbert Van Closter.
Omaha, Nebraska

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The Edgar Zabriskie House in Omaha, Nebraska; built 1889

via wikipedia

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August 07 2013

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Edgar Zabriskie House, on Hawthorne Avenue in Omaha, Nebraska; seen from the southwest.

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July 03 2013

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Noblesville, Indiana

A squared tower makes this Queen Anne a bit different. It has a large wrap-around spindled porch and look at those beautiful spindled balconies! A good number of gables have their own finials and I can imagine the house with iron cresting.

This house was built in 1892 and is used as a business. Looking toward the southwest in the morning. Another view can be seen on this website under “Noblesville" on page 2, which also shows a bit of the carriage house.

via Queen Anne houses in Indiana

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Indianapolis - Old Northside

This Queen Anne House located on Park Avenue near 16th street, has the typical large porch with spindle work, a turret & tower with a finial on the dome top, and an irregular gabled roof.

It was in need of paint and repairs for a long time and the dome roof of the tower sat in the yard for years. I was very happy when I saw it being restored. The large carriage house can be seen behind the house. Photo was taken on November 22, 2009.

via Queen Anne houses in Indiana

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Noblesville, Indiana

This Queen Anne home also has a many gabled roof with at least one dormer, a turret & tower, and a wrap-around porch. It is located on North 10th Street. This view is looking southwest and was taken April 2, 2010.

via Queen Anne houses in Indiana

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Noblesville, Indiana

This beautiful home was built in 1893 - a Queen Anne with a Romanesque style influence. It also has a wrap-around porch as well as another porch that cannot here be seen. The round turret & tower with conical roof is topped with a finial. The roof as well as the porch have various detailed work, and there is what appears to be stained or leaded glass and also that small window. All makes for a wonderful Queen Anne.

This photograph was taken on April 2, 2010 and two other views of the mansion can be seen on this website under “Noblesville" on pages 2 & 3 in Hamilton County.

via Queen Anne houses in Indiana

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Anderson, Indiana

This Queen Anne features a large rounded turret and tower with plenty of windows. A nice rounded stone pillared portico and balcony adds a certain touch. It is located on West 8th Street and the photo was taken on March 18, 2010.

via Queen Anne houses in Indiana

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Knightstown, Indiana

The unusual iron crested roof dormer on the top, the squared extended corner and the gingerbread wall treatment marks this house as very different. It boasts a nicely detailed tower and roof also.

This old home has seen better days, however the new owners are restoring it and have been doing so for five years. They were working on it when I took the photos below and they invited me in for a look. They are doing an excellent job and are planning to keep it original with a few ‘better’ improvements. All of the plaster was off except in the entry way and four or five of the original fireplaces still exist. The owner said the house was started in 1894 and took quite a while to finish it. This photo was taken on Saturday afternoon, November 28, 2009. Another view can be seen on this website under “Knightstown" on Page 2 in Henry County.

via Queen Anne houses in Indiana

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Big sexy Queen Anne Victorian in Ferndale, California

I've posted two slightly diff pics of this place; as for which of them is more recent, I haven't a clue.
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Fabulous porch!!!

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Historical Victorian Mansion in Riverside, California

via wikimedja commons

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Big sexy Queen Anne Victorian - Port Townsend, Washington State

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Big sexy Victorian in Eureka, California

I sure hope there’s more porchness than can be seen!

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