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June 20 2014


March 12 2014


February 13 2014

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Lushes LaMoan performing during the 25th Erotic Poetry & Music Festival

The Erotic Poetry Fest comes to the Tangent
Talking hard.

By Brett Callwood
February 11, 2014

On Saturday, Feb. 22, the Tangent Gallery will host the 27th Erotic Poetry and Music Festival, tagged “an eclectic celebration of the erotic arts.” A zany lineup of clowns, dancers, musicians and, yes, poets will come together to perform and, in the process, titillate.

“It’s an experience,” says poet Dena Luckett. “While the Dirty Show is more about the visuals, this is an auditory experience.”

Luckett joins a lineup of poets that includes Jimmy Doom, Lianna T., Michele Lundgren, Veronica Frick, and Scott Boman. There will also be performances by Satori Circus, the Detroit Dizzy Dames Burlesque starring Lushes LaMoan, Audra Kubat, Stephanie Loveless, Margaret DollRod, Anastasia Gold, Olive Jus and Tara Lazaroff.

“I’m a voyeur,” Luckett says. “I like to watch people and sometimes I’ll write about the people in the room, on the spot. I like to make people see what I’m trying to get them to think.”

Artist Tara Lazaroff says that she will actually be performing three songs at the event, as well as displaying a few pieces of art. “This is my fourth year here,” Lazaroff says. “It’s at the Tangent Gallery, a larger venue than it has been at in the past, so we might see more art.”

Lazaroff says that the secret to good erotica is “being a little mysterious. I like writing with double entendres, keeping it interesting. See if you can interpret something a couple of different ways.” …

The 27th Erotic Poetry and Music Festival takes place at 9 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 22, at the Tangent Gallery; 715 E. Milwaukee [near Woodward and The Boulevard], Detroit; 313-873-2955; $10

NB: This article has several of Dena Luckett’s way cool poems too, also.

See you there, fellow Detroiters!

January 05 2014


December 30 2013

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Postmarked Dec 30, 1913

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September 18 2013

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La muerte le juega carreras
desde el otro lado de la vida.
La trampa es que la vida termina en muerte
y la muerte acaba más viva.

   Via abraPALABRAmágica La MAGIA de la palabra: Papel picado 6

July 24 2013


The Wood-H.P.Lovecraft

                              The Wood
                               By H. P. Lovecraft

They cut it down, and where the pitch-black aisles
      Of forest night had hid eternal things,
They scal’d the sky with tow’rs and marble piles
      To make a city for their revellings.

White and amazing to the lands around
      That wondrous wealth of domes and turrets rose;
Crystal and ivory, sublimely crown’d
      With pinnacles that bore unmelting snows.

And through its halls the pipe and sistrum rang,
      While wine and riot brought their scarlet stains;
Never a voice of elder marvels sang,
      Nor any eye call’d up the hills and plains.

Thus down the years, till on one purple night
      A drunken minstrel in his careless verse
Spoke the vile words that should not see the light,
      And stirr’d the shadows of an ancient curse.

Forests may fall, but not the dusk they shield;
      So on the spot where that proud city stood,
The shuddering dawn no single stone reveal’d,
      But fled the blackness of a primal wood.

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June 06 2013

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  Via MadnessReigns & Hypnogoria: THE PORT by HP Lovecraft

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April 02 2013

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Since I got my cat Five White,
the rats never bother my books.
This morning Five White died.
I make offerings of rice and fish,
bury you in midriver
with incantations—I wouldn’t slight you.

Mei Yaochen, from “An Offering for the Cat.” (c. 1040)

January 17 2013


Twinkle twinkle little star


How I wonder where you are

Through the fog and the smog

I can’t see you, little star

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October 13 2012

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Ode to candy
Posted on October 31, 2011

Mellowcreme pumpkins
Peeps, jelly beans, gummy bears
orange slices, Red Vines

Sugar sugar
sugar sugar sugar

Corn syrup and red dye #40
You complete me.
Your calories may be empty
but my blood is full
of sugar

Sugar sugar
sugar sugar sugar

(via Ode to candy | Eat. Swim. Shop.)

April 25 2012

William S Burroughs
Better an Old Demon Than a New God - Various Artists (1984)
also The Best of William S Burroughs (1998)
The Reverend Hell Gets Confused
Richard Hell
Better an Old Demon Than a New God - Various Artists (1984)

"God speaks through me."
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March 03 2011

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Quoth the raven.

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