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May 22 2014


December 15 2013


Yes, this just happened



Gillian Anderson: “£3800 for a bit of Benedict Cumberbatch!”
Neil Gaiman: “…also licked by Gillian Anderson!”

I have no words for the feels.

She licked it. I watched her.

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December 14 2013

Science is a way of talking about the universe in words that bind it to a common reality. Magic is a method of talking to the universe in words that it cannot ignore.
— Neil Gaiman, The Books of Magic
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December 11 2013

If anyone corrects you and says “You mean TWELFTH!” when you say “Matt Smith was the eleventh Doctor” then that person is being irritatingly pedantic and should be pitied, in a nice way and with a gentle friendly, not-patronising sort of love, because they will have long hard lives ahead of them.
— Neil Gaiman (via benedctsbafta)


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November 22 2013

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Amazon is very bad at keeping secrets. P.S. Neil Gaiman’s Doctor Who ebook is called Nothing O’Clock.


What idiots! lol

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October 19 2013

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It’s important for people to tell you what side they are on and why, and whether they might be biased. A declaration of members’ interests, of a sort. So, I am going to be talking to you about reading. I’m going to tell you that libraries are important. I’m going to suggest that reading fiction, that reading for pleasure, is one of the most important things one can do. I’m going to make an impassioned plea for people to understand what libraries and librarians are, and to preserve both of these things.

And I am biased, obviously and enormously: I’m an author, often an author of fiction. I write for children and for adults. For about 30 years I have been earning my living though my words, mostly by making things up and writing them down. It is obviously in my interest for people to read, for them to read fiction, for libraries and librarians to exist and help foster a love of reading and places in which reading can occur.

So I’m biased as a writer. But I am much, much more biased as a reader….

   Via Neil Gaiman: Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming | Books |

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September 21 2013

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Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman Omnibus V1. Bound in leather, with black edging. Beautiful!

It really is. If you’ve missed it, it’s over 1000 pages long, and has the first half of Sandman in it.

I’m not sure how long this edition is going to be around, so if you want one, you should check it out now.

V sexy! Bonus: Tea W/The Black Dragon!

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July 16 2013


For most of the human race, pretty much all of the lifespan of the human race, information was currency. Information was like gold. It was rare, it was hard to find, it was expensive. You could get your information, but you had to know where to go, you had to know what you were looking at, you had to know how to find your information. It was hard. And librarians were the key players in the battle for information, because they could go and get and bring back this golden nugget for you, the thing that you needed.

Over the last decade, which is less than a blink of an eye in the history of the human race, it’s all changed. And we’ve gone from a world in which there is too little information, in which information is scarce, to a world in which there is too much information, and most of it is untrue or irrelevant. You know, the world of the Internet is the world of information that is not actually so. It’s a world of information that just isn’t actually true, or if it is true, it’s not what you needed, or it doesn’t actually apply like that, or whatever. And you suddenly move into a world in which librarians fulfill this completely different function.

We’ve gone from looking at a desert, in which a librarian had to walk into the desert for you and come back with a lump of gold, to a forest, to this huge jungle in which what you want is one apple. And at that point, the librarian can walk into the jungle and come back with the apple. So I think from that point of view, the time of librarians, and the time of libraries—they definitely haven’t gone anywhere.

[Neil Gaiman talks about his love of libraries.] (via watchhowisoar)

And I stand by every word of it.

(via neil-gaiman)
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March 10 2013





Neil Gaiman on Alan Moore’s life. Drawn by  Mark Buckingham. 

An oldie but a goodie. Think I got this saved in a /co/ folder somewhere.

Both gentlemen have also voiced themselves on The Simpsons - too cool XD

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April 16 2012

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a new Neil mailbox post up…i just loved this advice he gave to a curious writer…

click on photo for the full story.

(i drew that!)

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April 05 2012

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January 22 2012

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