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November 04 2013


November 03 2013

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toluca feria alfenique 10 (by dimitridf)

Reblogging myself because Milk and White Chocolate Calaveras

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toluca feria alfenique 12 (by dimitridf)

Reblogging myself because creepy cool Chocolate Bones

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(via El Rincón De Las Medias Lunas: Feria del Alfeñique)

Reblogging myself because creepy cool Multicolo/ur Chocolate Bones

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January 17 2013

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Que Viva Mexico!, 1932, Sergei Eisenstein

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Take Action! Tell Harvard to Rescind Felipe Calderón’s Fellowship

Felipe Calderón left Mexico less than 3 days after leaving office, arriving at New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport on Tuesday at approximately 2:20 p.m., local time, reports Reforma.

Calderón is expected to begin a Fellowship at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government in the coming weeks, but many are outraged that Harvard would disregard reports from Human Rights Watch, the United Nations Human Rights Commission, Mexico’s Human Rights Commission, and several civil organizations that have condemned the violence and human rights violations under his administration.

Calderón’s drug war leaves more than 100,000 dead, 25,000 disappeared, 250,000 displaced, and a countless number of traumatized children.

“In awarding Mr. Calderón a high-profile fellowship, the Kennedy School is telling the world that former leaders, however questionable their leadership, are worthy of recognition. It is an unfortunate and dangerous message,” wrote Marion Llyod in a piece for the Chronicle for Higher Education titled “Why Harvard Should Not Welcome Felipe Calderón.”

A petition started by retired US Border Patrol agent John Randolph calls on Harvard University president Drew Gilpin Faust to rescind Calderón’s Fellowship invitation.

It’s time to act and not allow Harvard University, or any other US institution, to give shelter to a man directly responsible for the skyrocketing amount of violence, torture, corruption, and impunity that Mexico lived through in the last six years.

Enrique Peña Nieto will do everything in his power to protect Calderón, therefore it’s imperative for those outside of Mexico, especially those in the United States, to take action and speak for the millions being silenced within Mexico’s media monopoly.

If you or your family was affected by Calderón’s drug war, if you’re a student or alumni of Harvard, you’re voice should be heard.

Call or email President Faust, and Dean Ellwood, and tell them Calderón’s Fellowship should be rescinded immediately.

Harvard’s School of Government says Calderón’s Fellowship will continue through December 2013. Those at Harvard concerned with seeking justice for the thousands of victims and millions of children and civilians affected by Calderón’s negligent and belligerent offensive are in a unique position to pressure the university, and should contact us if interested in working towards his dismissal.

Stay tuned for more information on those seeking to prosecute Calderón at The Hague for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Sign the Petition Here.

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This evil fucker should be flipping burgers at a fast-food joint!

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This is the original Mexika flag. This flags motifs have been used by our people before that Italian looking imposter was imposed on our gente.

The eleven rays of this sun represents the ten planets, and the sun of our solar system. Yes our people knew of the tenth planet before the all mighty Gava “Discovered” it this summer.

The three mounds under the Kuautli represent the aliance between the three cities of Tlacopan, Tenochititlan, y Tetzcoco.

Along with the elements of Tonantzin Tlalli (Earth).

The Atl- Tlachinolli in the Eagles beak represents the duality of Fire and Water, the blue and the red. 
It was never a serpent.
To place a serpent here would contradict our spirituality. Having our two sacred animals the Kuautli and the Koatl fight is crazy, the Green, White and Red flag shows the confusion our people live in to this day.
It is also what our children kill eachother over everyday,

Norte y Sur-Red and Blue- XIII and XIV .
They die over our sacred colors and numbers!
For who’s gain?

The Kuautli’s wings is spred from the Ehekatl or air
making the fourth and final element complete.

This is the flag that Kuitlahuac raised in 1520 on the night of “El Noche de Gloria” when we kicked the gold hungry invaders led by Cortez out of Tenochtitlan!

This is not a party flag, this is the flag our people used to represent us generations before the coming of the white man. Right now the original can be found in the Vatican’s private collection of items stolen from our people. We must demand it’s immediate return!

La verdad me enternece el espíritu con la potencia con que  se habla de nuestra bandera. Pero los hechos son los hechos, no creo que nuestros ancestros hayan conocido a los planetas tan lejanos como saturnos,urano, plutón y más para allá, ya que estos no emiten una luz tan brillante en el cielo. Claro que debe de tener un simbolismo el hecho que tenga 11 pétalos el Sol majestuoso de esta ave, pero no necesariamente sobre los planetas.

No creo que el listón rojo represente el fuego, porque los antiguos artistas nahuas representaban este símbolo con mariposas porque su aleteo se asemejaba a la danza que realiza el fuego cuando quema.

Es cierto que es nuestra primera bandera, y mirenla y gozen su escencia más allá de su belleza.

Según yo tenía entendido el águila devorando la serpiente en nuestra bandera provenía del mito nahua de los mexicas llegando a méxico-tenochtitlán donde encontrar el simbolo enviado por huitzilopochtli, un águila devorando una serpiente. Y dado que son los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, creí que la maximización de este mito en nuestra bandera indicaba la unión de todos los pueblos del País para con el centro.

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November 04 2012

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For those who don’t know or who think this is the Mexican Halloween, it’s not. I may be pale, but I have a blood heredity to the tradition. The Apache have a similar tradition as do a few other indigenous American tribes. Many South American countries other than Mexico also have a similar tradition. It is a time of giving to our dead, celebrating the lives they led, and if we are lucky they will come to visit. The calavera (skull) paintings you see either on people or sugar skulls and in art are not a costume.

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Calaveras de Azúcar - Festival Cultural del Alfeñique - Toluca, Edo. Mexico

The one on the right’s my all-time favorite calavera de azúcar - so far, that is. I found some great ones this year.

(via Travel the world through Webshots photos!)

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Calaveras de Azucar - Festival Cultural del Alfeñique - Toluca, Edo. Mexico

(via Travel the world through Webshots photos!)

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Dulce Muerte
Calaveras de Azucar
Metepec Mèxico
(by wolfymx)

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Dia de muertos en Tepotzotlan, Edo. de Mexico 6 (by Sadarrab)

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