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April 08 2014


December 13 2012

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“With his Fountain (1917), Duchamp made the quintessential statement about the history and future of art. Duchamp of course knew the history of art and, given recent trends, where art was going. He knew what had been achieved — how over the centuries art had been a powerful vehicle that called upon the highest development of the human creative vision and demanded exacting technical skill; and he knew that art had an awesome power to exalt the senses, the minds, and the passions of those who experience it. With his urinal, Duchamp offered presciently a summary statement. The artist is not a great creator — Duchamp went shopping at a plumbing store. The artwork is not a special object — it was mass-produced in a factory. The experience of art is not exciting and ennobling — it is puzzling and leaves one with a sense of distaste. But over and above that, Duchamp did not select just any ready-made object to display. He could have selected a sink or a door-knob. In selecting the urinal, his message was clear: Art is something you piss on.”

[Excerpt from Why Art became Ugly (2004).]

(via Stephen Hicks, Ph.D. » Marcel Duchamp, Fountain (1917))

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March 28 2011


Marcel Duchamp
Comet tonsure
Haircut by George de Zayas
Photograph by Man Ray

Think you’re a punk, huh? Didja have a friend shave a comet into yr hair, and then have another photograph it for you? Well, Marcel Duchamp was way ahead a’ya, darlin.’

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