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July 24 2013

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Aker - the horizon. The lions are named Yesterday and Tomorrow. The hieroglyph for horizon is between them; above them the hieroglyph meaning sky, heaven.
One lion gets to sniff a blue lotus, the other’s hangin’ with someone who looks like the Bennu Bird.
The extinct Barbary Lion was spotted.

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July 19 2013


October 12 2012

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TT 69 , Tumba de Menna , Tomb of Menna , Luxor , Egypt
(by Soloegipto)

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August 27 2012


August 23 2012

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Chinese Green Jade Goldfish Ruyi Lotus Leaf Amulet

Found @ ebay via Antijade store

August 05 2012

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Painting in the tomb of Menna, TT69. New Kingdom - 18th Dynasty

Via wikipedja

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June 09 2012

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Lotiform Cup, 3rd Intermediate Period

Dynasty 22, ca. 945–715 b.c.e.

Egyptian faience

H. 5 3/4 in. (14.6 cm)

Edward S. Harkness Gift, 1926 (26.7.971)

This cup, made of brilliantly glazed Egyptian faience, imitates the slender form of the blue lotus flower and is decorated in relief with scenes depicting the marshy habitat.

The fragrant blossom of the blue lotus is a common motif in all forms of Egyptian art. The water lily was valued for more than its beauty and scent: because it opened its petals to the sun each morning, it became a symbol of creation and rebirth. During the Third Intermediate Period, chalices of this shape and other faience delicacies were decorated with relief scenes evoking a constellation of myths having to do with the birth of the king as child of the sun god out of the watery marsh environment, and thus the renewal of the world out of the flooded land of each midsummer New Year.

(via Lotiform Cup [Egyptian] (26.7.971) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

June 07 2012


April 15 2012


April 14 2012

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Lotus seed pod via wikipedia

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Zhongshan White Lotus


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