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July 14 2013

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Ellen Terry.

Dame Ellen Terry, GBE (27 February 1847 – 21 July 1928) was an English stage actress who became the leading Shakespearean actress in Britain.

  via dear Edosan & Libby Hall, Collector Of Dog Photography | Spitalfields Life

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July 09 2013

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Harriet Tubman (far left), shown here with escaped slaves.

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The niece of the great Mongol leader, Kubla Khan, Princess Khutulun was described by Marco Polo as the greatest warrior in Khan’s army. She told her uncle she would marry any man who could wrestle her and win. If they lost they had to give her 100 horses.

She died unmarried with 10,000 horses.

(via Sandi Toksvig’s top 10 unsung heroines | Books |

This is how I want to die. Unmarried, with 10,000 horses. There is no other way now. 

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June 15 2013


April 12 2013

I fall in love with myself and I want someone to share it with me. I want someone to share me with me.
Eartha Kitt (via smokeinyoureyes)

April 11 2013

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Eartha Kitt

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April 06 2013

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Bonjour Tristesse

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February 14 2013

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She’s outraged by the president, inspired by Occupy – and loves to compose for canines. Queen of the New York avant garde Laurie Anderson explains what drives her

You’d think there’d be a revolution in every single little town,” Laurie Anderson says. “You can do what? You can arrest people for no reason? And put them away with no notification, and no trial? The best would be a military trial. Why did no one say a thing? Why didn’t artists say anything?”

Anderson – performer, composer, artist and all-round superstar of New York’s downtown avant garde – has spent decades probing the bizarre customs and rituals of American life. But what has her worked up on this ice-cold New York morning is a specific piece of legislation: the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which Obama signed at the end of 2011. The act gave the president the power to order the military to detain anyone, American or otherwise, without trial, for life. “On the face of it, unconstitutional,” Anderson argues. “That made me crazy. That’s why I wrote Dirtday!” …

… Anderson herself played an unusual gig during that Sydney festival: a concert for dogs. “It was probably the most fun I have ever had doing music. We thought a couple hundred dogs would show up. Thousands. Overflowing the area. They were all over the steps of the Sydney Opera House. You looked out and it was just a sea of dogs: a lot of rocker dogs, but also some droolers in the front row. And there was not one dog fight!

“It started out with an invocation for whales, ‘cause the whales are right there in the harbour. And why do animals sing? For whales, it’s to find each other in the ocean. And for dogs as well: it’s a kind of geolocation system.” She punctuates this with an impressive variety of barking sounds: a little spaniel yip, a St Bernard growl. …

Via Laurie Anderson: music for dogs and Obama | Music | The Guardian

February 13 2013

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It’s not often that someone becomes famous for being a volunteer but that’s exactly what happened to Patsy Ann. Our volunteer had no family name and no family. Like Blanche Dubois, she depended on the kindness of strangers.

Patsy Ann was a purebred white bull terrier born in Oregon in 1929. She had been sent to Juneau, Alaska by ship to become the pet of two little girls.

Unfortunately, Patsy Ann was born deaf. According the British Bull Terrier Club: “Totally deaf Bull Terriers …often find it very difficult to adapt to a normal life, are extremely difficult to train and will often not make suitable pets.”

Evidently this was the case with Patsy Ann. She was given to another family but that placement did not work out either. Soon Patsy Ann was roaming the capital city, living on handouts and bunking with the sailors at Longshoreman’s Hall.

Once Patsy Ann was on her own, she attached herself to the entire town. She was welcome in every home, shop, theater, and saloon. She gained weight from eating handouts.

Dock workers discovered that in spite of her handicap, Patsy Ann had an important skill. She could tell when a ship was on its way. No one knows how she knew but suspect she was able to discern the vibration of the ship’s engines. She would head to a dock and begin pacing, long before the ship was visible. She was never wrong. The mayor of Juneau named her the town’s official greeter.

Juneau’s citizens became very proud of their Patsy Ann. She was memorialized in post cards, on t-shirts, and eventually, a book about her life.

In the mid-1930s Juneau passed a law requiring that all dogs be registered and tagged. Some of the locals pitched in and bought Patsy Ann a beautiful collar and paid for her tag. Patsy Ann wore it briefly but got rid of it as soon as she could. The town knew better than to try and argue with their honorary greeter. Patsy Ann was given an official exemption to the law. …

I love how the old school Bull Terriers look, and Patsy Ann was one helluva lady! :)

Via THE WRITE SISTERS: (Sort of) Woman of Wednesday: Patsy Ann, Official Greeter of Juneau, Alaska

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February 12 2013

1916/02/11 Emma Goldman, an anarchist, socialist and women's rights activist gets arrested for giving a lecture on birth control in New York. Instead of paying the $100 fine, she decides to spend 2 weeks in jail to have the opportunity to talk to those "rejected by community".

January 23 2013

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Why so many pics of the Topkapi dagger? It’s all Melina Mercouri’s fault, bless her sexy, brilliant heart.

Topkapi (1964)

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January 17 2013

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… As indicates excavated material, a fierce mother, protective but impatient, wrathful and destructive, in one form or other Kali seems to have been in worship even amongst aboriginal tribes much before the hierarchy of sophisticated gods emerged. It was perhaps in view of her immense popularity and divine power people attributed to her that she was inducted into Hindu pantheon and her image and a regular iconographic form began emerging. In the Devi-Mahatmya part of his Purana sage Markandeya, the earliest known and authoritative statement in regard to Devi-cult, perceived her as destroying, along with Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati, various demonic powers and helping maintain order. He does not talk of her anatomical form but as one carrying a large number of attributes he seems to have had in vision a goddess with multi arms. Subsequent Puranas, Agni Purana, Garuda Purana, Devi Purana, Bhagavata Purana among others, hence, perceived her as endowed with ten to eighteen arms carrying in them a wide range of weapons and other attributes. …

Dear Kali - she shows us that nothing is permanent, and that everything is in constant motion.

Via Marble Image of Goddess Kali

January 08 2013

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Agnes Moorehead

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January 07 2013

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Helen Mirren as Morgan le Fay in Excalibur

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