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December 12 2013

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Men’s Velvet Coat (by aoifashionistas)

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A circa 1996 Status Buzzard Prototype; No serial number, in black basket weave finish, irregular shaped carbon graphite body, chrome parts, irregular shaped headstock with a de-tuner and Status Graphite Buzzard in red, graphite neck, twenty seven fret graphite fingerboard with roman numeric position markers and LED side markers, two Hyperactive pickups, four rotary controls, two toggle switches, black bridge plate with four adjustable saddles; and an original aluminium framed rectangular flight case — owned and played by John Entwistle, during tours with The Who and The John Entwistle Band, and seen in performances at the Royal Albert Hall, 2000 and 2002; accompanied by a letter from the drummer/producer of the John Entwistle band concerning the provenance. …

   Via John Entwistle’s Gear: 1986–2002


December 11 2013

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I told my BF, whose birthday is today, that if I could I’d get him a whole herd of Icelandic horses. No posting if you squeeze one rein and then the other XD

   Via Trans-World: Icelandic Horses on the road

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