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February 27 2013

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I like this. Lip makeup that looks like an eye by Swedish artist Sandra Holmbom.

I wish there was a YouTube tutorial on how to do this. There will be soon, I suppose!

Via Like Cool

Via my awesome BF & Dangerous Minds | Trippy lip makeup that looks like an eye

December 18 2012

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Untitled by a lover’s discourse

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December 10 2012


October 31 2012

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Here’s some spooky fun for a vintage Halloween with these two circa 1980’s googly-eyed figural pins! One is a skeleton skull with a goofy grin, sparkling with color-changing opal colored sparkly glitter, sporting a formal black top hat. The other is a silly black enameled on gold tone creepy spider with raised eyebrows, as well as an open mouth and purple tongue! Both have googly eyes with moving beads inside!

The skeleton face pin measures 2” inches tall X 1 1/2” inches at its widest point. Spider measures 1” inch tall X 1 1/2” inches wide….

(via Halloween Googly-Eyed Skull & Spider Pins ~ FUN! from under-on-by-the-sea on Ruby Lane)

October 26 2012


October 20 2012


October 12 2012

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Jean Ignace Isidore/J.J Grandville

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October 04 2012


August 27 2012

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Period: New Kingdom
Dynasty: Dynasty 18
Reign: Joint reign of Hatshepsut and Thutmose III
Date: ca. 1479–1458 B.C.E.
Geography: Egypt, Upper Egypt; Thebes
Medium: Carnelian (Chalcedony)
Dimensions: L. 1.4 cm (9/16 in)

(via The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Wedjat-Eye Design Amulet Inscribed with the Cartouche Maatkare (Hatshepsut))

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June 22 2012

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Collie cross sisters with heterochromia

Although heterochromia is often associated with David Bowie because of the appearance of the singer’s eyes, according to some sources Bowie doesn’t actually have heterochromia. Instead, it’s thought he suffers from a permanently enlarged pupil – the result of an injury sustained during a fight that has made one eye look darker than the other. Bowie may not be a good example of an individual with heterochromia since his eye has not changed in color due to an uneven distribution of pigment in the irises – as is the case with these pooches.

The adorable collie cross sisters pictured have both got heterochromia, although it’s affected each in opposite ways – changing the right eye color of one and the left eye color of the other. It’s not surprising to see siblings with heterochromia because the condition is often inherited. In such cases, it’s generally passed on in autosomal dominant fashion, meaning that even if only one parent is affected, there’s a good chance the offspring will inherit the trait too.

(via Heterochromia in Dogs: Loveable Pooches With Different Colored Eyes)

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The gene stops melanin from reaching and forming pigment in one of the irises. Purebreds like the Turkish Van and Turkish Angora are prone to the genetic mutation.

(via Heterochromia in Cats)

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Some of the cats with two eye colors are deaf but most are not. Sixty to 70 percent of so-called odd-eyed cats can hear, but white cats with one or two blue eyes are more predisposed to genetic deafness.

(via Heterochromia in Cats)

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Interestingly, a cat may carry the white spotted gene, have no white on its body at all and still manifest the odd-eyed effect.

(via Heterochromia in Cats)

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Different again: Heterochromia in non-white cat with green eyes

The odd-eyed colouring is caused when either the dominant white gene or white spotting gene stop melanin granules from reaching one eye during the cat’s development from kitty to moggy. The condition also affects cats of colours other than white, so long as they have that white spotting gene.

(via Heterochromia in Animals)

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Say cheese: Flash photography effect on blue but not green eye

But we’re digressing into genetics again. When taking snaps of odd-eyed cats, a red-eye effect can be seen in the blue coloured eye but not the other. Eyeshine is produced in both eyes but in the normal, non-blue peeper a layer of melanin removes certain light colours.


(via Heterochromia in Animals)

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June 12 2012

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