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July 26 2014


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November 10 2013

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Oblique Front and Side Elevations
Row House in Antwerp, Belgium

Jules Hofman was the architect of this fanciful Art Nouveau building, named De Zonnebloem (the sunflower). It was built in 1900 in Antwerp’s architecturally diverse Zurenborg District. Photograph taken in 1982 by Howard J. Partridge.

   Via Cupola’s Art Nouveau Architecture Gallery One

September 22 2013

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What Europeans Really Think of One Another

Take a second to actually digest this chart. It’s pretty funny!

Source: Pew Research Global Attitudes Project “The New Sick Man of Europe: the European Union

the ango-french and greece-german hate were my fav

France sees itself as the most and least arrogant country…

let’s be real though france sees itself as everything

This chart gets funnier and funnier the more you look at it.

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June 13 2013

via lcjsn6O.jpg (1700×1065)
A intact pool between the dirty water of a flood in Germany.

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June 05 2013


January 18 2013


December 25 2012

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Light-tree at Sony Center, Potsdamer Platz.

Berlin, Germany – 24 December 2010.

830pm, Christmas Eve.

Typically, I’d come to watch people in this place, the Sony Center. Would it be time for a quick coffee, before heading into Cinestar for a movie in English? If I stopped by at night and looked up, would I see the roof bathed in colour? Or would it be a way to spend time in the Legoland Discovery Centre, and think about whimsy and youth? Well after dark on a cold blustery snowy Christmas Eve, I came for the sparkle, and treated myself to the sight of a light-tree. …

(via Christmas in July (13 of 14), Berlin | Fotoeins Fotopress)

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Light-tree at Sony Center, Potsdamer Platz.

Berlin, Germany – 24 December 2010.

830pm, Christmas Eve.

(via Christmas in July (13 of 14), Berlin | Fotoeins Fotopress)

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December 11 2012

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Always reblog.
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December 09 2012

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Archbishop of Cologne (1238 - 1261), von Hochstaden wielded great influence in imperial affairs but was a controversial and contentious figure. Ultimately, to generate funds for continuing work on the cathedral, he initiated a tax on hops (thus raising the price of beer), a move that may have influenced the grotesque ornamentation added by stone carvers at the base of his statue

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December 06 2012


November 25 2012


November 09 2012

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A golden horse-head, one of the artefacts among the Thracian treasures recently unearthed near Sveshtari, Bulgaria. Photograph: Bgnes/AFP/Getty Images

Bulgarian archaeologists have discovered bracelets with snake heads, a tiara with animal motifs and a horse-head piece in a hoard of ancient golden artefacts unearthed during excavations at a Thracian tomb in the north of the country.

The artefacts have been dated to the end of the fourth or the beginning of the third century BCE. They were found in the biggest of 150 ancient tombs of the Getae people, a Thracian tribe that was in contact with the Hellenistic world. The hoard also yielded a golden ring, 44 female figure depictions and 100 golden buttons.

“These are amazing findings from the apogee of the rule of the Getae,” said Diana Gergova, head of the archaeologist team and a researcher of Thracian culture with the Sofia-based National Archaeology Institute. “From what we see up to now, the tomb may be linked with the first known Getic ruler, Cothelas.”

The site is at the ancient Getic burial complex near the village of Sveshtari, about 250 miles north-east of Sofia. One of the tombs there, the Tomb of Sveshtari, is included in the Unesco world heritage list for its unique architectural decor showing half-human, half-plant female figures and painted murals.

The Thracians, ruled by a powerful warrior aristocracy wealthy for their gold treasures, [Ed. Note: Huh?] inhabited an area extending over modern Romania and Bulgaria, northern Greece and the European part of Turkey from 4000BCE. …

(via Bulgarian archaeologists find golden treasures in ancient Thracian tomb | World news |

November 07 2012


September 29 2012

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Huge protests against the government and austerity in Lisbon right now.

August 04 2012


Belgium film on street harassment strikes a chord across Europe | World news | The Guardian

Sofie Peeters’s account of everyday sexist insults women face triggers debate about inaction over universal problem

May 14 2012

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