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January 31 2018

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A Dull Afternoon” – An Original Drawing By Edward Gorey
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November 14 2013


January 05 2013

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edward gorey

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My very favorite author/illustrator/poet. <3

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by Edward Gorey

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The Gashlycrumb Tinies FTW

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Via imageshack - that’s all I know, kids…………….

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December 24 2012


October 12 2012


October 08 2012

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Via my BF, who muchly rocketh

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October 02 2012

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Here is a pair of sterling silver earrings that match the flying bat necklace.
The pendants were made using the lost wax method of casting and are beautifully hand-finished. Gorey’s elegantly scripted initials are cast on the back. They have wire posts and are embellished with garnet beads.
Comes with a description, in a small pouch, ready for gift-giving to someone special - if you can bring yourself to part with them!…

(via Edward Gorey Silver Jewelry - Flying Bat Earrings [EGSJ] - $50.00 : Gorey Details.)

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Edward Gorey Silver Jewelry - Flying Bat Necklace… Here is a sterling silver necklace with a classically-Gorey flying bat pendant. The pendant was made using the lost wax method of casting and is beautifully hand-finished. Gorey’s elegantly scripted initials are cast on the back. The pendant hangs from a delicate 18” silver chain. Comes with a description, in a small pouch, ready for gift-giving to someone special - if you can bring yourself to part with it!…

(via Edward Gorey Silver Jewelry - Flying Bat Necklace [EGSJ] - $46.00 : Gorey Details.)

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July 09 2012

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…Between September 1968 and October 1969, Gorey set out to collaborate on three children’s books with author and editor Peter F. Neumeyer and, over the course of this 13-month period, the two exchanged a series of letters on topics that soon expanded well beyond the three books and into everything from metaphysics to pancake recipes.

Today, Neumeyer is opening the treasure trove of this fascinating, never-before-published correspondence in Floating Worlds: The Letters of Edward Gorey and Peter F. Neumeyer — a magnificent collection of 75 typewriter-transcribed letters, 38 stunningly illustrated envelopes, and more than 60 postcards and illustrations exchanged between the two collaborators-turned-close-friends, featuring Gorey’s witty, wise meditations on such eclectic topics as insect life, the writings of Jorge Luis Borges, and Japanese art.

In light of his body of work, and because of the interest that his private person has aroused, I feel strongly that these letters should not be lost to posterity. I still read in them Ted’s wisdom, charm, and affection and a profound personal integrity that deserves to be in the record. As for my own letters to Ted, I had no idea that he had kept them until one day a couple of years ago when a co-trustee of his estate, Andras Brown, sent me a package of photocopies of my half of the correspondence. I am very grateful for that.” ~ Peter F. Neumeyer …

Via dear Edosan & Floating Worlds: Edward Gorey’s Never-Before-Seen Letters and Illustrated Envelopes | Brain Pickings

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