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February 13 2014

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Snow Golem & Fire Wolf Pup

Jennifer at Handmade Stuffs is up to her Adventure Time crafting tricks again, this time for an exceptional Snow Golem and Fire Wolf. She writes on her Flickr page:

These two were made as a custom order. The Snow Golem and Fire Wolf pup are from the Adventure Time episode “Thank You”. The Snow Golem stands about 22” tall and he has jointed arms. The branch decoration is removable and features shiny sequin “berries”. The pup is about 9” tall (not including ears) when standing. He has little “cracks” in his black fur showing his fiery orange insides.

Great (handmade) stuff, as usual, Jennifer.

December 21 2012


November 28 2012

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So. I made this. Dowager Countess, Downton Abbey quote. ALWAYS.

November 01 2012


October 22 2012


October 12 2012


October 04 2012


July 26 2012


March 02 2011


DERANGE!!! DERANGE!!! — Introducing the Dalek-Cthulhu Hybrid

February 14th, 2011 Because the universe wasn’t enough enough peril from my tiny Cthulhus, I created the Cythulhu, a Cylon-Cthulhu hybrid. And then, because I could still sleep at night, I made this:

This one is the prototype. I haven’t had a chance to give him a proper photo shoot and won’t be listing him in my store for at least another week because of my commissions queue. Some initial notes—he doesn’t have arms or plunger/shooter appendages because arms look wrong & the others ended up looking awkward in yarn. He DOES have wings though. Think of him as Davros-esque. …
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