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April 27 2018

3100 848d

Explanation: You couldn't really be caught in this blizzard while standing by a cliff on Churyumov-Gerasimenko, also known as comet 67P. Orbiting the comet in June of 2016 the Rosetta spacecraft's narrow angle camera did record streaks of dust and ice particles though, as they drifted across the field of view near the camera and above the comet's surface. Still, some of the bright specks in the scene are likely due to a rain of energetic charged particles or cosmic rays hitting the camera, and the dense background of stars in the direction of the constellation Canis Major. Click on this single frame to play and the background stars are easy to spot as they trail from top to bottom in an animated gif (7.7MB). The 33 frames of the time compressed animation span about 25 minutes of real time. The stunning gif was constructed from consecutive images taken while Rosetta cruised some 13 kilometers from the comet's nucleus.

Astronomy Picture of the Day - 2018 April 26

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March 18 2013

5604 9bbb 500

I have now processed a second image from yesterday evening that seems to show a fragment splitting from the nucleus of PanStarr. It is visible also in 2-3 other stacks and seems to follow the comet. The stars are seen as trails and the one to the right of the coma is TYC603-342-1, mag 11.4.
The colorfull image is a frequency modulation that increases the contrast and clearly shows the fragment, but as a dark dot bellow the nucleus.
There is also a normal and a contrast enhanced / sharpened image.

There was also an airplane passing in the tiny field of 13 x 18 of my CCD-camera. It showed on 2 frames from the 79 frames stack of 4 sec each, for a total of more than 5 min exposure.
I used a DBK41AF02 CCD-camera on my OrionOptics CT-10 f/4.8 Newton.

I hope this possible splitting of the nucleus can be confirmed by others soon.

/*Peter R

Via PanStarr Splitting Fragment

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