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June 25 2013

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Citroën Metropolis

via Wallpapers HD: Citroën Wallpapers


November 09 2012

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Touring Paris in the 1950s

Straight out of a Jetsons cartoon, get a load of this Citroën U55 Currus Cityrama tour bus that ruled the roads of Paris in the 1950s. Its futuristic design was ahead of its time and turned heads wherever it went. No one had seen anything like it before and even today this retro bus looks like something that landed from outer space. …

(via Touring Paris in the 1950s)

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… The double decker design by French coach builder Currus was encased with curved glass windows to get the best views of the Parisian sights. The glass roof on the upper deck was removable for sunny days to avoid overheating and considering how people smoked everywhere and anywhere in those days, this was probably a very welcome feature. …

(via Touring Paris in the 1950s)

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… When I had finished gawking at all the details of these fantastic photos found from various archives online, I couldn’t help but wonder, what happened to all these Citroën U55 buses? Did they all go to the scrapyard or did any survive? Renovated and in the care of the right hands, these could make pretty cool camper vans! So I did a little digging. I could only track down the existence of one preserved Cityrama U55 and details are vague. …

(via Touring Paris in the 1950s)

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