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July 12 2014


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January 19 2014

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Certainly among the cheapest vehicles sold at Barrett-Jackson this year, this custom-built 1-cylinder “yellow submarine.” According to the catalog the vehicle “has a stereo that plays the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine.” We’re not sure if it plays anything else.

   Via Great car deals from the 2013 Barrett-Jackson auction

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1919 REO Speedwagon house car

REO, pronounced like Rio, was founded by Ransom E. Olds after he was forced out of Oldsmobile. Besides cars, REO made commercial trucks, among them Speedwagons. According to Barrett-Jackson, this Speedwagon was originally owned by a couple named Mose and Lillian from Louisinia. They used it to travel with a carnival selling prizes and kewpie dolls.

   Via Great car deals from the 2013 Barrett-Jackson auction

September 30 2013

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The Freixenet car ahem chillin’ at home

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… The week-long trip was made possible and paid for by the Freixenet Group, a name in winegrowing that dates back to the 16th Century and today is the world’s ninth largest wine company and the world’s largest producer of methode champenoise sparkling wines. I enjoyed every moment (except when a gypsy in Barcelona helped herself to my cell phone) and surely wouldn’t have had such a memorable nor educational trip without Freixenet (pronounced fresh-eh-net) sponsoring my travels.

The last leg of the journey wound up in Sant Sadurni d’Anoia, a colorful town in the Penedés region of Spain about 35 miles east of Barcelona. You first glimpse the Freixenet mother ship just off the Autopista del Mediterraneo and you take a roundabout way to get to the front door of the winery, where your first chore is to peer into the well-known black Freixenet bottle car created for the 1929 World’s Fair in Barcelona.
But it’s the immense building that gives you a sense of how extensive the Freixenet brand is. At anytime the eight-story building (including four storage and aging levels below ground) may be handling most of the 250 million bottles of sparkling wine produced every year. …

September 19 2013

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Peugeot 402 darlmat pourtout coupe 1938

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September 02 2013

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Count Bertrand de Lesseps prepares to demonstrate his Auto Aero in 1912.

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A motor car at Brooklands race track with a propeller for extra speed, 1911

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Is there anything cooler than a car with a giant propeller?

Yes! A weird old car with a giant propeller on and what has polo mallets leanin’ against it!

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September 01 2013


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June 25 2013

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