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November 10 2013

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Cape May Victorian House

   Via wikipedia

September 01 2013

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The Arnett-Fullen House in Boulder, Colorado (by russellb206)

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August 29 2013

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August 1937. “Old house in Tower, Minnesota, former prosperous lumber town.” Medium format nitrate negative by Russell Lee for the FSA.

(via Termite Motel: 1937 | Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

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Wayne County, Mich., circa 1900. “Rio Vista, Grosse Ile.” On the porch is our host for this brief visit, William Livingstone. Detroit Publishing Co.

NB: The folks who live on Grosse Ile invariably pronounce it grow-ZEAL.

   (via Rio Vista: 1900 | Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

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July 03 2013

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Lovely Rasta Gold-flavo/ured Carpenter Gothic Victorian home in Carson City, NV

June 21 2013

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J. Mora Moss House іs а boldly romantic Carpenter Gothic style Victorian home located within Mosswood Park іn Oakland, California. Іt wаs built іn 1864, bought by the City of Oakland іn 1912, аnd documented by the Historic American Buildings Survey іn 1960 аt whіch point іt wаs pronounced “One оf the finest, іf nоt the finest, existing examples оf Gothic architecture оf French аnd English influence аs adapted tо wood frame domestic architecture tо be found іn the East Bay Area, аnd possibly іn Northern California.” (Library оf Congress. Historic American Buildings Survey. J. Mora Moss House, data page 4.) The building wаs named Oakland Heritage Landmark #6 оn January 7, 1975. (David Nicolai. Oakland Landmarks) Іt іs оne оf five historic homes owned by the City оf Oakland аnd currently serves аs аn office аnd storage space оf the Oakland Parks аnd Recreation department.

June 20 2013

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Gingerbread House
Savannah, GA 1899
Carpenter Gothic
This house was built by German emigrant Cord Asendorf, a successful grocer and realtor, as his retirement house. Originally a country house located beyond the city limits, it is now practically downtown. It is still used as a private residence.

via Dave’s Victorian House Site - East Coast Victorians

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