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February 09 2014

Evil Plot To Blow Up Batman
Neal Hefti - Batman Theme and 11 Other Bat Songs (1966)
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January 13 2014



"The Blind Banker" is my least favorite Sherlock episode, but this scene gets me every time.

Especially with CumberBat

via Scarf of Cumbersaurus. Rawr.
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November 19 2013


November 11 2013


September 11 2013


Batman,Captain America save cat - International - Jamaica Gleaner - Tuesday | September 10, 2013

When a West Virginia home caught fire, trapping a kitten inside, it was Batman and Captain America who came to the rescue.

John Buckland, dressed as Batman, and Troy Marcum, dressed as Captain America, saw smoke at a house nearby when they were entertaining children as part of their business. They ran to the house along with another bystander, kicked in the door, and broke out a window so some smoke could escape.

Buckland, a former firefighter, says he crawled into the front room and felt something furry. He grabbed the animal, ran outside, and gave it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

No one was hurt in the fire, including the rescuers, though Buckland says the cat hissed and swatted at him when it regained consciousness.

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June 04 2013


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May 09 2013

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 The Batmobile

The Batmobile was a 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car adapted by George Barris. It featured the Batphone, a Bat Eye Switch and Bat Smoke and was used in the television series starring Adam West.

  Via 30 great cars in films and TV - Telegraph

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April 28 2013


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January 21 2013

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An Arizona man with a special fondness for Batman and Robin bought the original Batmobile for $4.2m (£2.6m) at an auction on Saturday. Rick Champagne, a Phoenix-area logistics company owner, bought the car that featured in the much-loved Batman series, which ran from 1966 to 1968 and starred Adam West and Burt Ward, following a flurry of spirited bidding in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“I really liked Batman growing up and I came here with the intention of buying the car,” Champagne, 56, said after he bought the car. “Sure enough, I was able to buy it. That was a dream come true.”

The Barrett-Jackson auction was the first time the car had been put up for public sale. In addition to the $4.2m bid price, Champagne will have to pay $420,000 in premiums.

The Batmobile is based on a 1955 Lincoln Futura, a concept car built in Italy by the Ford Motor Co. In 1965, it was bought for a nominal $1 by noted customizer George Barris, who had 15 days and $15,000 to transform the vehicle for the show. He has owned it ever since. Barris told Reuters that he had supplied vehicles for movies and television shows before, but this one had to be markedly different.

“With every pow, bang, wow, wee, I wanted the car to do something just like the actors,” said Barris, 87, before the auction. “The car had to be a star on its own. And it became one.” …

Via Going once, going twice… KA-POW! Batmobile sold for $4.2m | World news | The Guardian

November 29 2012

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Pannello in Legno a bassorilevo

Bas-relief on Wood panel ( cm. 80 x 90 )

La Stele di Batman (by Gian Boy)

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September 25 2012

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Bat-villain cosplay done right

Holy crap, that Penguin is awesome O_O

If I didn’t know better, I’d say that was Danny Devito.

I’m done. I’m dead. I’m both.


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