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October 13 2013

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Rite of Anubis

Anubis, thou who art The Opener of the Ways,
Hear My Voice.
Anubis, thou who art Guardian and Protector,
Hear My Voice.

Hail! Anubis, Circle of the Horizon,
I give greetings to you Anubis,
Thou who art the Guide and Protector of Souls.
I bring offerings of incense and wine,
To Thee, Anubis, Gate of the Heart.
Bearer and Giver of blessings,
I pray, give Thy blessing to me.

Beloved Anubis, be with me all the days of my life,
Guide me, Oh Great One, each day and each night.

Beloved Anubis, Opener of the Way to the Heart,
Guide me, raise thy Ankh and bless me.

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July 26 2013

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Anubis (L) and Heket (C) both shown in rare human-headed forms, from Ramses II’s Abydos temple.

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June 01 2013

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Wooden statuette of Anubis

Macedonian – Ptolemaic Period, 332 – 30 B.C.


The god Anubis is the god of mummification. He has the head of a jackal and human body. His hands are raised with the palms down, a pose when he is performing the purification ritual on mummies.

Source: The Metropolitan Museum

Always reblog sexy Anubis.

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January 07 2013

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Tutankhamon’s Anubis

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December 04 2012

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Couchant jackal from the tomb of Horemheb (photo by Harry Burton)

(via Introduction to the Contents of Tomb KV57 (Horemheb))

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After Anubis’s assistant broke his leg during a rock climbing incident, Anubis was faced with the fact that someone needed to walk Ammit and he was not going to wait to see if she would destroy his new couch while he tried to find a replacement walker.

(via Out for a Walk 8x12 embellished Print by Dancingheron on Etsy)

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November 30 2012

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Another shot from the Egyptian exhibit in Seattle.

Anubis (by scribe13 ~ Maureen)

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Amsterdam, Allard Pierson Museum, September 2011

APM 8852. New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty (13th Century BCE), from Thebes. Limestone. 51.4 x 61.5 cm.

The Scribe Ta in Adoration before Anubis (by j. kunst)

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Statue in front of the Tutankhamon exhibition space in Vienna

An Egyptian lost in Vienna (by marin.tomic)

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★I took this picture of the Anubis statue on Nov 16, 2007 near the London Eye.

Anubis in London (by ♥Ozlem’s Photographyღ♥)

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Giant statue of Anubis in Trafalgar Square to promote the return of the treasures of Tutankhamon to London after 35-odd years.

Anubis (by Simon Crubellier)

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I will vote for any mayoral candidate who promises to build more 40-foot statues of Anubis in prominent London locations.

The Opener Of The Way (by Simon Crubellier)

November 29 2012

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Burning Man 2012 - Fertility

Burning Man 2012 - Anubis (by extramatic)

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