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November 09 2012

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The Amphibious Car that lives on the Seine, Paris

The shiny red vintage car that sits proudly on the back of a houseboat in Paris is a sight well known to Parisians that take time out from the bustling boulevards to walk along the banks of the river Seine. This evening I saw it again, for the umpteenth time and it finally clicked. How could I have missed it? Of course! This was the same car captured by LIFE magazine photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt crossing the Seine in 1963 – the Amphicar! …

(via The Amphibious Car that lives on the Seine, Paris)

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… A little further digging (why has it taken me so long?) and a website dedicated to Amphicars had the scoop from a Paris resident who is friends with the owner:

The Amphicar in Paris is owned by Undersea Architect and visionary Jacques Rougerie. It's a 1964 and he has had it for about 15 years.
It was restored in France, with all of the parts being purchased from Hugh Gordon in California. Jacques and I have cruised the Champs-Elysee many times in it, but I've yet to take it in the Seine. It has some very unique cleats above the front wheel wells. I have no idea where they came from, but they look great.
The boat that it sits on is a Pineche, or French river barge that has been converted to his home and office. Inside, he has an aquarium full of lake sturgeon which you can actually dive into and hang out in a bell. The rest of Jacques' daily life is equally as interesting.

I wonder if this is the exact same car in Eisenstaedt’s photograph. Amphicars are known to be prone to rust but a modern paint job and some wax would have fixed that. …

(via The Amphibious Car that lives on the Seine, Paris)

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July 12 2012

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