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5th richest person on the entire fucking planet wants you to give him more money

he’s a little out of pocket right now after suing a bunch of people in Hawaii to force them to sell their land on the cheap so he can have his 700-acre $100,000,000 playground to himself

God, the fucking AUDACITY

It’s easy to forget how disgustingly, perversely rich this man is. He could live in the most absurd, decadent luxury, never lifting a finger, until he turned 1000 years old without spending even a tenth, a twentieth, of the money he has now. He could buy a Tesla and drive it into the ocean, every day, for the next 100 years, without spending even a twentieth of his money.

Even 1 billion dollars is so much money that the human brain has troubles fully comprehending it, so much more money than any one, ten, twenty human beings would ever need in the span of a lifetime, even assuming a lifestyle more comfortable than that enjoyed by basically any other human throughout all of history. He has over 63.

And he wants you to donate to him?? TO HIM??? He could improve the lives of untold hundreds of millions of people if he just decided to give away some of his absurd riches. He could give away 95% of his money without it impacting the quality of his life in any measurable way. And he wants people to just give him more of it?

bring back the fucking guillotine, eat the rich

zuck demands privacy, but he won’t give YOU any!

Once again, more Scheißberg than zuckerberg.

Eat the rich, but marinate them well, and keep antacid handy.

N.B.: I never joined fb.  Every time I considered it, there'd be another horror story about it all over the news that day.

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