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I’ve been doing some research lately for a book I plan to put to paper and came across some articles on Suffragettes and sidesaddles. I had never really put the two together like that before, but it doesn’t take much reading to see how they are entwined. One article states, “And while it is common knowledge that the Suffragettes achieved the right to vote in 1920, what has gone undetected is that these brave women rode into the voting booth as second-class citizens on a sidesaddle, then galloped out astride.”

Sidesaddles were conceived as a political and social tool of oppression to women and this is why the Suffragettes rode astride, and why they caused such a stir. Back then women could be arrested for indecent exposure for wearing a split skirt or pants. All that was indecent was the implication that women were less than men. …

Via Black Feather Farm: Sidesaddles and Suffragettes

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